Thunder Point , Book 1
ISBN-13: 978-0-7783-1447-9
April 2013
Contemporary Romance

Thunder Point, Oregon Present Day

Former Army helicopter pilot Hank Cooper never stays in one place too long.  His entire world is contained inside the fifth-wheel he tows behind his truck.  Today, he has one stop to make in a place called Thunder Point, and then he'll be on his way.  He doesn't know where he'll travel to this time, but as soon as he finishes his business here in this cliff-side Oregon town, he'll be gone.  His friend, Ben Bailey, died recently, and now Cooper is in for another shock:  Ben left him his business and all his land, acres of prime beachfront property.

What Cooper finds in Thunder Point is not something he can leave behind in a few days.  Right after Cooper arrives, a sudden storm leaves Ben's bait shack in shambles and uncovers problems that Ben never bothered to fix.  Now, Cooper has to set things right.  He can't sell the place like this.  But as he gets himself deep into the renovations of Ben's property, he learns that his friend really held the key to the town's well-being.  A local gathering place, Ben sold ready-made snacks inside the shop, and the teenagers count on the beach being accessible for parties.  It isn't long before the people here begin to grow on Cooper.  He still plans on leaving, but now he has to prove that Ben's death was not just an accident.  And when he breaks up a fight that stops the local football hero from being beaten to a pulp, Cooper is suddenly entrenched in this small town and its dynamics.  Landon Dupre can play a mean game of football, and his sister, Sarah, is a skilled search and rescue pilot.  All this means that Cooper might just take a little longer to move on.  Thunder Point needs him, and he probably should stay long enough to see what develops between him and Sarah...

THE WANDERER is the first book in a new series by beloved author Robyn Carr.  A spin-off of the Virgin River series, THE WANDERER begins the Thunder Point books. This top notch novel is a BIG winner!  The characters are special, starting with Hank Cooper.  Hank refuses to put down roots, and he tows his home behind him.  He's been all over the world doing dangerous jobs, and there's absolutely no room in his life for a woman or a family.  Enter Sarah Dupre, the one female most like Hank; also a helicopter pilot flying into dangerous situations.  Sarah comes with a ready-made family, albeit her brother, Landon.  Hank is falling for Sarah, and she is just as besotted with Hank.  But hanging over them is the fact that as soon as Ben's business is settled, Hank will pull up stakes and leave.  Or will he?

Lots of twists and turns bring this novel full circle, and wonderfully drawn secondary characters make it extra special.  Deputy Sheriff Mac McCain; Mac's daughter, Eva, and local diner owner, Gina James, are a few.  Hank and Sarah have a lot to work out, and this complex romance is combined with mystery and lots of excitement.  Next up is THE NEWCOMER, Mac McCain's story, to be released in July 2013.  I can't wait!

In the meantime, do not miss THE WANDERER!

Diana Risso