A Perfect 10
Thunder Point , Book 2
ISBN-13: 978-0-7783145-3
July 2013
Contemporary Romance

Thunder Point, Oregon – Present Day

Deputy Sheriff Mac McCain has faced life head-on since his young wife left him ten years ago with three babies to raise.  His wife, Cee-Jay, was young and irresponsible, and when life got too rough, she just walked away from her marriage, fleeing with another man and leaving Mac to take over the responsibility of their children alone.  Mac did his best; his Aunt Lou helped him, leaving her home and buying a house together with Mac in Thunder Point.  They both did car pool duty and the all the mundane, daily tasks of raising Mac's children.  Now, Mac's eldest daughter, Eve, is almost seventeen; his son, Ryan, is twelve, and daughter, Dee Dee is going on eleven.

After years of denying his own needs, Mac has finally admitted that he is in love with Gina James, his long time confidante and girlfriend, albeit without the sex that usually goes with being a girlfriend!  Mac took almost ten years to kiss Gina a second time once the first kiss scared him witless.  It wasn't that he was afraid of commitment, but the thought of blending their two families held him back…until Gina gave up on waiting for him and began dating again.  That shook Mac to the core, and now he's courting Gina, but he still wants it to be a secret.  For some reason Mac can't see that the whole town knows they're in love, and the only secret is the one he thinks he's keeping!

Meanwhile, Gina has troubles of her own.  Her sixteen-year-old daughter, Ashley, has just been dumped by her long time boyfriend, who's now in college and dating other girls.  Ashley is sinking lower and lower into a state of self-pity, and Gina is desperate to help her.  Gina hasn't seen Ashley's biological father in over sixteen years, but now she's desperate to learn about his family's medical history.  She's worried about clinical depression and needs answers, for Ashley's sake.  Mac's been helping Gina keep Ashley together, along with Eve, who's Ashley's very best friend.  And in the midst of all this, who should show up in Thunder Point, but Mac's ex-wife, Cee-Jay, all set to give Mac another chance!  Cee-Jay has not seen or acknowledged her children in ten years, why is she here now?

THE NEWCOMER is the second novel in the Thunder Point series, following THE WANDERER (April 2013).  Cooper and Sarah Dupre are still an item and growing closer each day.  Cooper hopes to ask Sarah to marry him, but lately Sarah is troubled by something, and Cooper wonders if she's thinking about ending their relationship?  But before Cooper can ask Sarah what's troubling her, he gets distracted by an old friend who shares a secret that tilts Cooper's world.  Sarah, in the meantime, is hiding secrets of her own.

THE NEWCOMER is a taut and emotional story that keeps the reader on the edge, and one of the most romantic endings I have read in years will sweep you away!  All the right elements are here, with a plethora of small town characters who are lively and fun, welcoming us into their little town on the Oregon coast.  Coming in September is THE HERO, the third (but hopefully not the last) installment in the Thunder Point series.

THE NEWCOMER is a Perfect 10!

Diana Risso