Virgin River
Series, Book 19
ISBN-13: 978-0-7783-1317-5
May 2012
Contemporary Romance

Virgin River, California - Present Day

Nora Crane never meant to be a single mother with two small children, but she fell in love with a handsome baseball player, Chad.  He moved her to a small mountain town called Virgin River , and when his big dreams of a career didn't work out, he just left her there, inside a tiny cabin without a refrigerator and with barely enough blankets to keep two-year-old Berry and baby Fay warm.  The good people of Virgin River helped Nora out, and now she works two part-time jobs just to keep food in their mouths.

When Nora sees an announcement for workers on the Cavanaugh Apple Farm she is determined to apply.  She talks Pastor Noah Kincaid into giving her a ride out to the farm; it's three miles one way, but Nora wants this job, even though she'll have to walk to work and back every single day.  She'll do anything to support her children.  Nora lives simply; she, Berry and Fay all sleep on a mattress lying on the floor and they get by on only the basic necessities.  This job will mean that Nora can have money for important things, like new clothes and shoes for the girls.

Tom Cavanaugh is running the apple farm he ran away from ten years ago, when all he wanted to do was put Virgin River behind him.  But after a stint in the Army, he came back to his grandmother's farm ready to take on the hard work.  Seventy-something Maxine Cavanaugh still runs the farm and manages the business, but Tom tries to do most of the hard work these days so Maxie can rest and enjoy some time off.  Maxie, on the other hand, has no intention of resting, whether Tom likes it or not.  So, when she sees Nora so desperate to work, she hires her on the spot.  Tom doesn't want Nora Crane working in his orchard.  She's far too pretty, and Tom knows he'll be hard pressed to pay attention to his work instead of looking up at her sexy backside while she's on a ladder picking apples.

SUNRISE POINT is book nineteen in the Virgin River series and it's a surefire winner!  Tom and Nora cannot deny their attraction, evident from the first moment they meet.  Tom is in no hurry to get involved with a woman, let alone a mother with two children.  Nora is fiercely independent; she doesn't want anyone to think her weak or unable to take care of herself and her daughters.  All she wants is to earn enough money to support her and the girls, and not have to rely on the good people of Virgin River to help her out.  They are wonderful friends, but Nora wants to stand on her own two feet!

SUNRISE POINT has many secondary characters, and every one of them walks right off the pages into your heart as they pull the story together.  Nora is searching for the father who abandoned her years ago, and when Pastor Noah finds him, she has decisions to make. Tom also has his hands full with his friend's widow who's decided that Tom is her next conquest.

SUNRISE POINT is a must buy for May!  The town of Virgin River is like home; you want to go back again and again.  If you have never read any of these novels, I can't begin to tell you what you're missing out on!  Go to the author's website at and you will find a list of all the books and some fun things to see and learn about the town of Virgin River .  And don't let the book number scare you off.  Even though SUNRISE POINT is the nineteenth book in the series, you won't be lost at all. Each book stands alone, and each story just builds better and better, check it out!  Most of all, it's the people of Virgin River who will grow on you, and you will only want to read all the novels!  My idea of Heaven is reading nineteen Virgin River novels right in a row!


Diana Risso