A Virgin River Novel , Book 11
ISBN: 978-0-7783-2921-3
January 2011
Contemporary Romance

Virgin River, California - the Present

Clay Tahoma joins the staff of Dr. Nathaniel Jensen's clinic in Virgin River as a veterinary assistant. His divorce developed into a lingering relationship, and Clay feels distance from his ex will make a final break. He won't miss the big city and high-end clientele, and his son will be able to live here without the unwelcome given him in Los Angeles . Proud of his Navaho heritage, Clay doesn't expect to become interested in a young woman who happens to be Hopi, one of the Navahos' traditional enemies.

Lilly is distrustful of all men since she was seduced and left pregnant at age thirteen. She miscarried, but mental scars remain. When she believes Clay hasn't been perfectly truthful with her, how can he ever regain her trust?

PROMISE CANYON is truly a community novel. While the story centers on the difficult romance between Clay and Lilly, the viewpoint is shared not only by them, but also characters having held lead parts in previous books. These side stories seem to be on-going threads from pervious stories that tie to the next volumes in this huge series. They often have nothing to do with Clay and Lilly, and interrupt the emotional turmoil between the two, yet add unique flavor to the story. Large chunks of background are told that take you away from the action, but help you understand the characters. If you've read previous novels in this series, you are sure to love this edition. If you are new to the series, PROMISE CANYON will impel you to pick up the other books.

Clay, Lilly, and Clay's son Gabe are great characters—honest, hard working, and loving—whose pride in their heritage also shows the author's research into Native American traditions. PROMISE CANYON provides a good read to start the New Year just as the characters begin their own new lives.

Robin Lee