ONE WISH Robyn Carr
Thunder Point , Book 7
ISBN-13: 978-0-7783-1772-2
March 2015
Contemporary Romance

Thunder Point, Oregon Present Day

Champion figure skater Izzy Banks walked away from her career at the height of her popularity.  Now, as just plain Grace Dillon, she owns the local flower shop, Pretty Petals.  No one knows her real name, not even her best friend, newly married Iris Silesky.  She's just the lady down the street who lives above the flower shop, no fanfare, no glory.  Which is exactly the life she wants and exactly who she wants to be.

Grace was born into figure skating, the daughter of wealthy heiress Winnie Dillon Banks, who was a successful skater in her own right who started Grace on skates when she was only four years old.  Winnie pushed Grace through rigorous training and competitions.  When her father died, Grace was fourteen years old, but Winnie didn't allow grieving; she simply hired the best trainer available to take over Grace's coaching.  But skating was never Izzy's dream, not like it was her mother's, so at the age of twenty-three, tired of the rigors of celebrity competition, Izzy left the sporting world forever.  She ran away from her mother's home and went to live with Ross and Mamie Jenkins, former employees of Winnie's.  When they retired, the Jenkins couple opened a flower shop in Portland, Oregon, which led to Grace learning their business.  She kept in touch with her mother, but Winnie Banks refused to acknowledge her daughter's wishes and demanded she return to competition.  Grace refused.  She was just plain tired.  Now, estranged from her overbearing mother, she simply vanished from the public eye, and, using her middle names, she gave up being Izzy Grace Dillon Banks and became just Grace Dillon, living a happy new life of her own choosing.

Troy Headly, high school coach, is barely acquainted with Grace.  He finds her rather shy and retiring, not his usual type of woman.  Troy is a fitness nut; he moved to Thunder Point for the great water sports.  He works two jobs, mostly to keep busy, but also to earn extra money he can spend on equipment to indulge his passion.  He did become a teacher to help kids, but mostly teaching was his choice of vocation, not for the work, but for the days off the job, when he can go white water rafting or kayaking, mountain climbing, or hang gliding.  Troy would like to settle down someday, if he could find the right woman with enough energy to keep up with him.  He was hoping for a relationship with Iris, but she married Seth Silesky instead.  And Grace?  Well, there's a spark of something there when Troy strikes up a conversation with her inside Cooper's bar, and he appoints himself the man who will show her how to have fun.  In his eyes, all she does is sell flowers and watch chick flicks.

ONE WISH.  This title encompasses everything that both Grace and Troy are hoping for in their lives.  Grace's one wish is to live the life she has chosen, find someone to love only her, and not her fame or her inheritance.  Troy's wish is someone to share his love of sports, match his energy levels, and be physically able to keep up with his schedule.  Even so, he's not quite ready to share his life, not until he finds the right woman.  Grace is wealthy; she can afford anything she desires, but she chooses to work for a living, leaving her money tucked away in secure investments.  As they spend more and more time with each other, Grace and Troy become comfortable enough to share their deepest secrets, and when Grace's life is threatened, the entire town of Thunder Point jumps in to help.  As Grace and Troy work through the intricacies of their individual lives, they find that they have fallen in love.

ONE WISH is a dynamic novel full of great characters, a little bit of mystery, and lots of romantic passion.  Book number seven in the Thunder Point series, ONE WISH follows THE HOMECOMING (September 2014). See other books in the series listed on the author's website at: .  These books stand alone, but the entire series is such fun you won't want to miss even one!  In the next few months we welcome new additions to the series: coming in July 2015 is A NEW HOPE and in September 2015, WILDEST DREAMS.  I can't wait!

ONE WISH is a terrific story! 

Diana Risso