Virgin River,
Book 20
A Perfect 10
ISBN: 978-0-7783-1385-4
November 2012
Contemporary Romance

Virgin River, California – Present Day

Angie, a medical student, was involved in a horrific accident that has changed her life forever.  She has come to Virgin River to reevaluate what she wants, and take time out away from her studies, much to her mother's chagrin.  She almost died, and now finds her life more precious.  She regrets that all her studying has left her with very few friends.  She moves into a cabin in the woods belonging to her Uncle Jack and Aunt Mel.  Angie is especially close to her younger aunt, Brie.  She wants her own space away from everyone, particularly her mother, who insists that she return to school.  She sees a young man in Jack's Bar, Patrick Reardon, who is in the Navy and has his own issues.

Patrick is rethinking his naval career.  He has been flying fighter jets and has been offered his own squadron.  After the death of his best friend and the desertion of his long time girl friend, he is feeling very isolated.  He is living in a cabin at the top of the mountain.  He has stayed in contact with his friend's wife, Marie, and they have grieved together.  He calls her everyday and feels responsible for her.  Would his sense of responsibility make marriage possible for them even though it would not be a love match?

As everyone gathers around to put up the huge annual Christmas tree outside Jack's Bar, Angie sees the handsome Patrick staring at her.  She has fun flirting with him, and soon they are sharing their life stories, which are oddly similar.  He thinks she is too young for him, but he is attracted to her.  He invites her over for chili.  Jack worries about them having any kind of relationship when they are both so troubled.

MY KIND OF CHRISTMAS is another winner for Robyn Carr.  I am totally addicted to her Virgin River books.  The dialogue is excellent, as are the story line and the characters.  Angie is a smart, strong young woman who is determined to go her own way.  She is funny—a delightful character.  I especially enjoyed the night she visits Patrick wearing a string of Christmas lights.  Patrick finds that Angie completes his sense of rightness in the world even though he is planning to take care of Marie first and foremost.  Patrick and Angie are two terrific characters that readers will love.  Secondary character, Brie, is a special aunt and friend to Angie.  As the tree is decorated, readers can visit with some of the wonderful characters from previous books and feel like part of the little town of Virgin River.  MY KIND OF CHRISTMAS, book twenty in this terrific series, is a wonderful reading experience and well deserving of a perfect score of 10.

Marilyn Heyman