A Virgin River Novel - #17
ISBN-13: 978-0-7783-1300-7
January 2012
Contemporary Romance

Virgin River - The Present

When Danson Connor witnessed a distinguished pillar of the community murder someone, he called the police. After coming forward as a witness, his hardware store burned to the ground, and he received a death threat. The Sacramento district attorney decided that until the trial Danson would be safer in Virgin River under a new identity, Connor Danson. The district attorney's sister Brie is a resident in Virgin River , and she will help keep Connor safe. She has a job lined up for him with Haggerty Construction. Connor is upset. His only relatives, his war-widowed sister and her sons, went to Vermont for their protection. The business that his deceased father built, and Connor kept running by constant work, is gone. His one-year marriage to a sex addict had ended long ago in divorce, so he has nothing left. He isn't looking for romance, only a trial date so he can restart his life.

Leslie Petruso had a perfect marriage until her husband told her he wanted a divorce because he loved another woman. Leslie is devastated. Her life had circled around Greg; she had helped him with all his aspirations. Now another woman is his wife and carries his baby, yet Greg wants to remain good friends. Heartbroken, and pained by her frequent encounters with the happy couple in their small town, Leslie resigns her job. Her boss, however, arranges for her to work for Paul Haggerty in Virgin River .

HIDDEN SUMMIT tells of two people, devoted to their families but deprived of their past lives, discovering there is more to life than work. Neither intends to fall in love, only enjoy each other's company for as long as time and events permit. It is satisfying to see Leslie and Connor not only find each other, but also themselves. Connor's constant danger from possible attack, his worry about his sister's safety, his need for complete secrecy, and the upcoming trial put an emotional tension in the story. The treatment Leslie's narcissistic ex dealt her squashed her self-worth, and only in Virgin River can she discover her inner strength. There are some very humorous scenes when Greg visits Leslie and a very scary trial for Connor. Previous characters give aid and comfort to the newcomers, but HIDDEN SUMMIT stands on its own. A reader need not worry about having read the previous books, except that she will want to catch up on the characters' stories. Overall, another enjoyable read from the Virgin River series.

Robin Lee

Second Review

Virgin River , Book 17
ISBN: 978-0-7783-1300-7
January 2012
Contemporary Romance

Virgin River, California – Present Day

After witnessing a murder, Conner Danson is sent by the District Attorney's office to Virgin River to hide until the trial of a wealthy and influential business man in Sacramento.  Conner's hardware store had burned to the ground, and his sister and her twins are sent to Vermont for safety.  Conner has a new identity and a temporary job as a carpenter with Haggerty Construction in Virgin River .  An unhappy marriage, a divorce, and the loss of his sister leave him a lonely man.

After Leslie Petruso's husband leaves her and remarries, he continues visiting Leslie, wanting to be her best friend.  She finds it so annoying she leaves Oregon  and gets a job with Paul Haggerty as an office manager for his construction firm in Virgin River .  She is happy to be in Virgin River working for Paul after working with him previously in Oregon .  Now, if only her ex would leave her alone…

Conner is attracted to Leslie, but does he want to get involved with a woman after his disastrous marriage?  He also must be careful to keep a low-key profile until the murderer is convicted.

Two wounded souls, Conner and Leslie, arrive in the magical town of Virgin River in HIDDEN SUMMIT.  They meet new friends and good people in Jack's Bar and readers visit their old friends from previous books.  Can the couple find new lives and happiness and healing in this small town in the mountains of California ?  Conner worries about his sister Katie, and hopes to finish his business in Sacramento very soon.  Katie is a good secondary character who is very close to Conner.  You can look for her story, REDWOOD BEND, in March 2012.

HIDDEN SUMMIT is another excellent story from the pen of Robyn Carr.   Don't miss this excellent series.  The books are all beautifully written, heartfelt, and romantic.

Marilyn Heyman