A Virgin River Novel , No. 16
ISBN: 978-0-7783-1271-0
November 2011
Contemporary Holiday Romance

Virgin River – Present Day

After Thanksgiving, a beautiful Christmas tree will set up by the citizens of Virgin River in front of Jack's Bar, decorated in red, white, and blue with ornaments made up of patches from the many servicemen who served their country.  What better way to honor the valiant men, women, and spouses who have given so much? But before then, Rich Timm and his twin sister, Becca, arrive from San Diego to Virgin River to do a little hunting and fishing over the Thanksgiving holiday.  Rich is not happy that his sister came along at the last minute, especially when her ex-boyfriend, Denny Cutler, invited him and two other buddies…and did not include Becca.  Rich warns Becca not to bring any trouble with her.

Becca and Denny broke up three years ago, but why can't she stop thinking about him?  She has been dating Doug, a second year law student who owns a boat and is everything she should want.  In the meantime, since Denny left the marines, he has become a farmer and has found his niche in Virgin River .  Denny is a little hostile toward Becca; he is still hurt and angry over losing her.

After bickering with Denny, Becca accidentally falls and injures her ankle, and Denny rushes her to the hospital.  She ends up with a splint and must be on crutches for six weeks.  The doctor tells her she cannot return to San Diego for a week to ten days as she must keep her leg elevated.  Denny plans to take care of her.  Is there any chance for them to heal their wounds and get back together?

Realistic dialogue and a good storyline highlight BRING ME HOME FOR CHRISTMAS.  Readers will meet several characters from Ms. Carr's previous books who all feel like old friends to those following this wonderful series.   Virgin River is the kind of town we all want to live in, where people help each other, have marvelous friendships, and share in the delightful activities of the season.  Becca and Denny are both likeable characters who have to forgive and forget their past differences.  Becca just hopes that she and Denny can have the wonderful friendship if not the love they previously shared, but will she really be happy with only friendship?  Jack's Bar is always the center of activity where everyone gathers.

This reviewer loves to read a few Christmas novels during the holidays, and BRING ME HOME FOR CHRISTMAS is a terrific one to begin the season.  Ms. Carr brings so much wealth in the way of good reading and heart-felt romances, readers will hope this series never ends.  Warning:  have a hankie ready for the end of BRING ME HOME FOR CHRISTMAS.  It is sure to touch your heart, and you will be waiting for the next romance taking place in Virgin River .

Marilyn Heyman