A NEW HOPE Robyn Carr
Thunder Point, Book 8
ISBN-13:  978-0-7783-1787-6
July 2015
Contemporary Romance

Thunder Point, Oregon Present Day

Ginger Dysart has recently moved to Thunder Point, and although it took her Aunt Ray Anne physically packing her up and moving her out of her parent's home, Ginger is now happy with her new life.  Seriously depressed after the loss of her infant son to SIDS, she really needed Ray Anne's intervention and her new start on life.  Now, Ginger lives in the little apartment above the flower shop and she couldn't be happier.

Today Ginger's new Thunder Point friends, Payton Loucoumette and Dr. Scott Grant, have just exchanged vows at their outdoor wedding at the Loucoumette Ranch just outside of Portland.  As Ginger is enjoying the festivities at this loud, raucous Basque reception, she is intrigued by one man: tall, dark, and quite unhappy.  He asks her to dance; she refuses. He reaches out and gropes her, then falls on the ground at her feet, unconscious.  Ginger screams.  Everyone comes running, including the bride and groom, but Payton's father, Paco, looks down at his drunken son; Matt then simply states that the boy's head is made of wood, right before he douses him awake with ice water, then turns and apologizes profusely to Ginger.

Soon after the wedding, Matt Loucoumette, drives all the way to Thunder Point to find Ginger and apologize in person for treating her disrespectfully.  Recently divorced, all Matt feels toward his ex-wife, Natalie, is resentment and anger that burns at his soul.  His agriculture degree enables him to teach part time, but what he really loves is farming, something Natalie has never understood.  All those negative feelings that have driven Matt since the divorce culminated at Payton's wedding when he had a little too much to drink.  Now, he has to make amends to Ginger.

A NEW HOPE is Ginger Dysart and Matt Loucoumette's story.  Ginger must come to terms with the loss of her child, and her ex-husband, a man she has to get out of her system once and for all.  Inside the tiny flower shop, she has a haven where she can keep busy and hide from the ghosts of her losses.  And Matt also has issues, his ex-wife Natalie still tries to win him back, but he wants nothing to do with her, let alone love or marriage, until he meets Ginger.  And when Matt asks Ginger for that first date, he's immediately warned by sister Payton not to hurt her friend.  As Matt and Ginger move step by step toward a relationship, they both have issues to resolve and lots of hurdles to jump in this delightful and emotional story of two people who find that real love can heal their wounds.

Welcome back to Thunder Point!  A NEW HOPE is the eighth novel in the series and brings us another chapter in the lives of the residents and characters who live in this small coastal Oregon town.  Instantly attracted to each other, Ginger and Matt take their time, stepping lightly around the cracks in their individual pasts.  A time of healing and new beginnings for both of them, A NEW HOPE brings us lots of weddings and other background stories that add to the richness and depth of this novel.

A NEW HOPE is followed by the next installment in the Thunder Point series, WILDEST DREAMS, coming August 2015.  (I've read the book and love it!  Review to follow soon...) Great books and great stories are what Thunder Point is all about; do not miss one exciting novel in this series!

A NEW HOPE is exciting, passionate and a beautiful love story!

Diana Risso