Harlequin Romance
ISBN: 978-0-373-74286-8
April 2014
Series Romance

Pasadonia and Kardana - Present Day

With his brother missing and presumed dead, Prince Julian Ettenburl of Kardana prepares to take on his brother's duties including the raising of his almost three year old nephew, Samson.  Missing his parents, Samson will only settle down for Katrina, a young woman who works in the nursery of the Prince of Pasadonia, where Samson has been visiting.  Katrina is a surprise to Julian for standing up to him when she believes he's wrong, as well as caring for Samson despite her obvious exhaustion. And when a half-asleep Katrina kisses him, Julian is surprised by his body's response.

Katrina has worked hard to put her bad decisions behind her, and does her best to remain in the background.  As she travels to Kardana with Julian and Samson, she's more appalled at the kiss that she instigated than she is the way she threatened, and then got bossy with Prince Julian.  She finds him very attractive, but she's already avoided scandal once; she's not about to tempt fate by falling for Julian.

STOLEN KISS FROM A PRINCE is an emotional and sometimes sad story.  In spite of his grief over losing his parents, Samson is a toddler who starts to find happiness in the distractions Katrina provides.  She also provides a distraction for Julian, a man who is thought to be cold and emotionless by everyone who knows him.  He, too, is grieving over the loss of his beloved brother, as well as the loss of the life he once lived, as he is now thrust into a position of more power.  Katrina's compassion offers comfort during the most difficult times, and her straightforwardness gives him the kick he needs to begin to move on.  Katrina is connected to the royal family of Pasadonia, but she's never aspired to be a royal herself. Her attraction to Julian is a bit disconcerting, as she wants nothing to do with the public aspect of royal life, and getting involved with the Prince would definitely gain her notoriety.

Even though the book has a somber background, there are moments of levity as well.  The characters are well-drawn and likable, and they will have you rooting for their happiness.  An enjoyable novel, check out STOLEN KISS FROM A PRINCE.

Jennifer Bishop