Harlequin Desire #2227
ISBN: 978-0-373-73240-1
May 2013
Series Romance

Alleria Island in the Caribbean – Present Day

Business tycoon Aidan Sutherland is working harder than normal since his twin brother is off on his honeymoon, so he becomes frustrated when his usually reliant senior VP, Ellie Sterling, announces she's going on a sudden three week vacation. Aidan needs Ellie by his side now and pressures her to reveal the real reason she's taking off, and learns she's trying to get pregnant via IVF and needs to take advantage of her prime ovulation cycle. Aidan is surprised that Ellie is taking this route—why can't she do it the old-fashioned way? Feeling pressured to keep Ellie on the island where he needs her and thinking this is the best way to do so, Aidan offers to impregnate her with his sperm…by making love to her. He even throws in a partnership in the company as an added incentive.

Ellie is stunned by Aidan's offer. She works well with the Sutherland brothers and enjoys her job. She's always dreamed of being offered a partnership in their company, but with her biological clock ticking away, having a baby is forefront in her plans. Aidan's attractive, but a playboy, so is this the type of man she wants as her baby's father? With the partnership offer dangled in front of her and a contract pre- and post-pregnancy, Ellie decides to take the plunge. How weird will it be to get naked with Aidan and have his baby? Is she making a mistake?

With the lack of available men on the island who are fatherhood material, Ellie feels she needs to look at other options to get pregnant in SHE'S HAVING THE BOSS'S BABY. She didn't want to reveal her plans to Aidan, but is forced to after he makes it clear he won't approve her time off unless she does. To her surprise, he is against her plan—what business is it of his? Then he shocks her by offering to be her baby's father by the old-fashioned route. Ellie agrees, and learns that “getting naked” with Aidan isn't so bad after all. Soon they can't get enough of “practicing and making sure they get the job done.” Ellie has always felt like a geek around people, mainly because of the way she was raised. She has learned not to depend on men and to remain independent. This thinking led to her to go the IVF route. She also can't get past the fact that Aidan thoroughly enjoys his playboy status. Will he make a good father, despite all her misgivings?

Aidan and his twin brother, Logan, became successful at a young age, and their current project is a resort they own on Alleria Island. Logan recently married, but Aidan doesn't see marriage in his future, because he doesn't think women can be trustworthy. He sees Ellie not as a woman, but as a capable partner. While he won't admit it, over the past few months he's slowly begun to see her as a beautiful, desirable woman, so the idea of her pregnant with another man's child, even via IVF, has jealous feelings rising in him.  Aidan convinces himself that having sex with Ellie is all part of expanding his company (no pun intended), where he gains a partner and an heir. Yet, bedding Ellie once is not enough for Aidan. He can barely keep his hands off her.

A cute, entertaining tale from beginning to the end, SHE'S HAVING THE BOSS'S BABY is about a couple uncovering hidden desires for each other—all in the name of having a baby. Will Aidan and Ellie realize that they're made for each other and decide to make their relationship permanent? Plenty of sensual love scenes and a sunny island location make for some steamy reading. Grab SHE'S HAVING THE BOSS'S BABY for a fun read while it's still on the shelves.

Patti Fischer