A Ready to Ride Novel , Book 3
St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 978-1-250-05284-1
March 2015
Erotic Contemporary Romance

Present Day

It's difficult for Laurie to admit that the relationship she found so promising is now borderline abusive, but when she tries to break things off with Donovan, she has to face the fact that she fears for her life where he is concerned.  The dinner to celebrate their six month anniversary is an example of his control over her, and when she tells him she wants out, he drags her from the restaurant and through the parking garage to his car, where he makes it very clear he can do whatever he wants with her.  When a tattooed biker appears, Laurie thinks she might get away after all, but the stranger, who introduces himself as Wild Card, forces her on his bike where he takes her to an isolated cabin.

Steele had no intention of kidnapping Laurie, no matter that her brother asked for help from Steele and his crew in getting Laurie away from Donovan.  So when he gets back to the cabin to find that his friend, Wild Card, had done just that, Steele is less than happy.  Learning what Donovan planned to do to her has him enraged, and Steele will do whatever it takes to protect Laurie from the psycho she was dating even if it is against her wishes.

Held captive by a gang of bikers should have Laurie more worried than ever, but instead she feels safer with them than she has for a long time.  Even stranger is the attraction and desire to submit to Steele.  Donovan's dominance was a turn-on in the beginning, but it turned dangerous in the end how can she trust that the same won't happen with Steele?

Laurie seemingly jumps out of the frying pan and into the fire in RIDING STEELE, only to find herself in a less dangerous situation.  She'd been uncomfortable with Donovan's increasingly kinky demands for a while, but when he almost strangled her during sex she knew it was time to get out.  But being held captive by bikers isn't the ideal way of avoiding Donovan, even as she does start to find Steele attractive.  Steele had never really considered a relationship with a woman, first because of his responsibilities, now because he wants to be free of anything that might tie him down.  Yet something about Laurie has him envisioning ever-after in a way he hadn't thought possible.

A sizzling erotic tale, look for RIDING STEELE.

Jennifer Bishop