St. Martin's
ISBN: 978-0-312-58015-5
December 2010
Erotic Contemporary Romance

Present Day

A weekend getaway introduces Marie to Zeke; a man totally different from the men she usually dates. The bad boy aura, tattoos and piercings are shockingly attractive, but it's Zeke's dominant attitude that's really turning her on.

Ty has waited patiently for Marie to get over her recent break-up. He's been in love with her for months, but knows she's a little skittish when it comes to starting a new relationship. Finding out that she's met someone new, Ty's afraid that he's missed his chance. Then he meets Marie's new lover.

Though he'd never thought it possible, Zeke may just be falling in love. Marie is sweet, sexy and adventurous, and Zeke enjoys pushing her beyond her limits. When he realizes that Marie's neighbor is Ty, his one-time best friend though, he wonders if he's about to lose the hottest relationship he's ever had. A woman came between Ty and Zeke once before, and Zeke would like the chance to mend the rift between them. Will he have to give up Marie to do that, or is she the key to bringing them all together?

Marie decides to do a little experimenting and gets some unexpected results in PLEASURE BOUND. Ty has become her best friend over the past few months and, while she may have wanted more, he's never seemed interested. The fact that he's a nice guy, steady and reliable, doesn't help that's the type of man she normally dates and those relationships have always fizzled. Zeke is masterful and full of surprises, tempting her to try things she's never done before. Zeke and Ty were best friends before Ty's girlfriend proposed a threesome and then pursued Zeke. Seeing each other again proves to both how much the rift has affected them, and a surprising twist offers an explanation that shocks them both.

A tantalizing erotic tale, PLEASURE BOUND is sure to please.

Jennifer Bishop