St. Martin's Griffin
ISBN: 978-0-312-67461-8
February 2012
Erotic Contemporary Romance

Present Day

As Evan watches Crystal walk down the steps in her wedding dress, he realizes that he'll never love anyone the way he loves her, and he has to tell her that.  True, an hour before she marries his best friend, Brent, is probably not the best time for his confession, but isn't Evan's happiness just as important?  He suspects that Crystal has feelings for him also, so he takes the biggest chance of his life.

Crystal has always ignored or suppressed her feelings for Evan, but when he tells her that he loves her and kisses her passionately, she can't help but respond.  But she loves Brent, and tells Evan that she still plans to marry him.

When they learn that Brent has disappeared, Crystal is devastated, and Evan is there to pick up the pieces.  While she loves Brent, Crystal also knows that Evan has become more than a close friend in the years that she's been dating his best friend.  He's someone she can rely on, and one of the two men she shares the most important moments of her life with.  But is that love?  When her sister suggests that Crystal still go on her honeymoon, but take Evan along on the tropical island vacation, she decides that this is the best way for her to explore her feelings for Evan.

And then Brent shows upů.

Crystal has fought being in love with two men, but in INSATIABLE, she gets a chance to explore every aspect of the situation.  Evan and Brent have been friends for twenty years, so, while he acknowledged his attraction to Crystal , Evan did his best to ignore it.  She did the same, but with Brent out of the picture, they now have a chance to see what exactly is between them.  Yet, Brent isn't entirely out of the picture, and he had a good reason for disappearing.  Though initially jealous, he can't deny the allure of sharing a woman with Evan, and that the woman is Crystal is only more enticing.

A passion filled tale, check out INSATIABLE.

Jennifer Bishop