ILLICIT - Opal Carew
St Martin's Press
ISBN: 978-0-312-67462-5
March 2013
Erotic Romance

Present Day

On her way to visit her best friend, Lindsay stumbles into a sexy, half-dressed man in the elevator, and during the ride, she can't stop fantasizing about him or the two equally swimsuit clad friends he's traveling with.  She shares her fantasies with her friend Jill, so when Lindsay receives an invitation to a fantasy weekend with three men, she figures Jill is playing a joke on her.  Assuming it's to be a “girls weekend” with Jill, Lindsay arrives at the apartment, only to find out that the invitation was real.

Connor and Travis had been roommates and lovers for a couple of years when they met Erik.  His father's recent death left Erik with a large penthouse apartment, and he insisted that Connor and Travis move in with him.  The three share a comfortable, intimate relationship with one another, and occasionally they bring a woman into the mix.  After meeting Lindsay in the elevator, all three men agree to the fantasy weekend.

After she gets over the shock of what could happen, Lindsay is all for living out her fantasies involving the three sexy men.  Almost immediately there is a connection between Lindsay and Erik that is difficult to ignore, and she also feels something for Connor and Travis.  Impossible as it may seem, she's hoping that this will last beyond a weekend, but Erik has reasons for limiting their encounter to a weekend, and he's not about to change his mind, no matter how much he wants Lindsay.

Finding her boyfriend in bed with two women and being told that she's not very imaginative sexually has done a number on Lindsay's confidence, and in ILLICIT she gets a chance to build that confidence back up.  She's a little shocked by her desires, so when she gets the opportunity to act on them, her initial reaction is nerves, but it doesn't take her long to decide not to pass up the chance.  We don't learn too much about Connor, but Travis was rejected by his family because of his interest in men, and Erik also has some family issues.  Erik also has the ability to see exactly what his sexual partner is fantasizing about, which has driven women away in the past.  Connor and Travis are fine with Erik's talent, but after past experiences, he's not willing to take the chance on a relationship with a woman, which is why he limits his time with Lindsay.  There is definitely a lot of sex in the novel, but it's also about building a relationship.  An engaging erotic tale, look for ILLICIT.

Jennifer Bishop