St. Martin's
ISBN: 978-0-312-67463-2
May 2013
Erotic Contemporary Romance

Connecticut - Present Day

While leaving the mall, Kate is sure she sees a ghost from her past, Matt Pearce.  After working together on a project, Kate started dating Matt, and when their relationship turned sexual, she learned that Matt was a Dominant.  Growing up with a controlling and emotionally abusive father, Kate isn't entirely comfortable with a Dom/sub relationship—especially since she enjoys it so much.  Already struggling with her loss of control, a horrific night sends Kate running from Matt, and after losing her job, she ends up moving to Connecticut.  Her possible sighting of Matt forces Kate to examine her feelings for him, and she's dismayed to admit that she still loves him.

A meeting with an investor brings Kate face-to-face with Matt for the first time in two years.  Her body still responds to Matt, but Kate feels betrayed by the events of the night she left him.  Oddly enough, Matt shows occasional flashes of anger and hurt, and can't understand why she left him.  Once the past is cleared up, the sizzling attraction between them is hard to ignore, but is there a chance Matt and Kate can ever have more than sex between them?

One devastating party tore apart Kate and Matt, and in HIS TO COMMAND, they each learn the truth about what really happened that night.  Kate had already been having problems reconciling her enjoyment of submitting in the bedroom with her fear of losing herself to a controlling man, so breaking up with Matt after the party seemed to be the sensible thing to do.  She's settled in to a comfortable life in Connecticut even if she still misses New York occasionally, and seeing Matt again proves that the city isn't the only thing she misses.  Matt watched Kate leave that fateful party with another man, and was devastated that she betrayed him.  Even with the truth finally out in the open about that night, Matt holds another secret that makes a future between them impossible.  Hoping to help Kate through what had happened two years earlier, Matt offers to train her in submission, and Kate sees this as her only chance of being with Matt again.

Filled with as many emotional scenes as those featuring steamy sex, HIS TO COMMAND is a captivating tale that you won't want to miss.

Jennifer Bishop