HARD RIDE - Opal Carew
A Ready To Ride Novel , Book 4
St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 978-1-25005-283-4
July 2015
Erotic Contemporary Romance

Present Day

While Shock is surprised to find Liv in a bar in a bad neighborhood, that she managed to find trouble isn't as surprising.  He and Liv had been pretty good friends in college…until he asked her out and she told him no and basically ended their friendship.  She still affects him the way she did back then, and when he offers her a ride home, Shock hopes to finally have a chance to be with her.

Liv is a bit terrified by the bikers that have been paying attention to her while she waits for her brother-in-law, and when she meets up with a different group of bikers outside the bar, her terror becomes disbelief.  Can this rough, tattooed biker calling himself Shock really be the man she knew as Devin, preppy heir to a family fortune?  Just as bossy – and sexy – as ever, Shock offers her a ride home, and makes it clear he wants more.  In spite of the feelings he stirs in her, Liv isn't ready for a relationship.  When her financial crisis reaches a new high, Liv asks Shock for help.  He's willing, but only if she's willing to completely submit to him.  Ready or not, Liv is in for the ride of her life.

Two friends reunite and get a chance to explore a sensual relationship in HARD RIDE.  Shock was hurt when Liv broke things off with him; he was sure that her feelings for him had grown as his own had.  Seeing her again brings back all the old memories, but he's not the same man he was back then.  Liv's dealing with the return of those feelings as well, but she's holding back a huge secret as to why she ended their relationship.  While a part of her is upset about Shock's terms for the loan, another part of Liv is excited.  She agrees to travel with him for the month as well as submitting to him, except she underestimated her feelings for her one-time friend.  Can they be more than that, or will she be going home at the end of the month?  Pick up HARD RIDE to find out.

Jennifer Bishop