Harlequin Desire #2414
ISBN: 978-0-373-73427-6
December 2015
Contemporary Series Romance

Los Angeles, California – Present Day

Antonio Cavallari doesn't know who he is or how he ended up in Indonesia, but one day after a vision he heads to California and the address that is stuck in his head. He arrives and discovers a woman, Caitlyn Hopewell, who is shocked to see him and fills in the blanks that are missing, including his name. She also introduces him to his triplets, whom Caitlyn had borne as the surrogate for him and her sister. Antonio also learns he's a billionaire who made his money through fighting and then started a successful fighting empire. He only wishes he could remember his wife, who died in the plane crash that both were in. Nothing about Caitlyn triggers memories, though he soon finds himself attracted to her. But they are at crosshairs, because she doesn't want to give up the children she gave birth to.

Caitlyn has always been attracted to Antonio, but since he was her sister's husband, she didn't show her feelings. After the death of her sister and presumably Antonio, she continued with the pregnancy and gave birth. She had to fight hard to win control of the estate—for the children's sake—and feels as if she is the true mother of them. Antonio appears, at first, to dismiss Caitlyn, and she's desperate to remain as long as she can. He agrees she can stay through Christmas, but soon close quarters has attraction rising between them. Could there be a chance she can be more than a surrogate mother to Antonio's children? Meanwhile, Antonio is having a difficult time regaining his memory.

It's Christmas time, and the last present Caitlyn expected was for the triplets father to suddenly reappear after being declared dead in. Antonio's body had never been found and everyone assumed he was dead. Caitlyn had fought hard to gain custody of the children she gave birth to and to have control of their inheritance. The reappearance of Antonio throws her life into disarray, especially after he dismisses her—at first. She finds herself in a battle of wills with the father who can't remember much of anything about his former life, while she once again realizes how attractive he still is. Still, she helps him regain his footing in life by helping him to get to know his children and to reconnect with his business. Can Antonio see how much he needs Caitlyn?

Caitlyn had met Antonio years ago, but the moment he met her beautiful sister, it was love at first sight. Everyone thought they had a perfect marriage, but she wonders if that was a lie. Antonio has glimpses of his past, but can't remember his late wife. The fact that he is now a father puts him in awe, and he wonders if Caitlyn can be the perfect mother for them, as well as his wife. Maybe an alliance between them isn't a bad idea. But yet, he wonders if she is trying to not only control the children, but him because she seems too perfect.

Kat Cantrell has penned a powerful and emotion packed tale in TRIPLETS UNDER THE TREE. Both Antonio's and Caitlyn's lives are in an uproar as they try to create some type of plan for the triplets' futures. Will he discover that not only does she love him, but will he find love with her? Find out in this entertaining story.

Patti Fischer