Harlequin Desire #2218
ISBN: 978-0-373-73231-9
March 2013
Series Romance

Texas – Present Day

Talk about dragging your feet when you don't want to do something! Hotshot movie director Kristian Demetrious needs the backing of some Hollywood bigwigs for his latest project, but one of their requirements is that he agree to marry his leading actress—something he doesn't want to do. A roadside stop in the middle of West Texas has Kris crossing paths with beautiful and sassy VJ Lewis. Kris is definitely intrigued with VJ, but kisses are all they can do since he's on his way to Dallas in his intended bride's Ferrari to pop the question. However, when a desperate VJ asks Kris for a ride to Dallas, he agrees. Will they be able to survive the hours alone in the car without doing more than kissing?

VJ has barely left her hometown, but when a confrontation with her father turns ugly, she decides to head to Dallas a bit early to start her life—with Kris being the one-way ticket. She's not afraid to tell the smoking hot Kris a thing or two, yet she's also aware that he's carrying an engagement ring meant for another woman. Will their road trip be a surreal romp on the wild side that ends when they reach Dallas? Can either of them deny the hot chemistry that sizzles between them?

A sexy hot Ferrari and a couple bantering their way on a road trip highlight THE THINGS SHE SAYS by Kat Cantrell. Kris and VJ met when he ended up lost near her hometown, and he ends up spending the night in town. Right off the top Kris gets a kick out of the smart mouthed VJ, finding her refreshing. But he's not a free man—or soon won't be—and he's not about to start an affair with her overprotective family and friends nearby. After VJ's father steals her money and knocks her around, she seeks Kris's help in getting to Dallas. Against his better judgment, he agrees, though he soon wonders if he did indeed make a bad call when the closeness in the car has his body parts reacting. Kris is cynical about love, but VJ is ready to count down the stages of romance for him. Will they make it to the final stage by the time they get to Dallas?

THE THINGS SHE SAYS is a cute, energetic tale that is different from most of the Desires out there. Kris is a rising director who needs help to get to the next level of Hollywood greatness and is ready to sacrifice himself for the cause. VJ wants to experience and enjoy a new life, and Kris certainly is giving her the ride of her life. They mesh well together, yet both realize how different their lives are. Can they make it work out for a happily ever after? Give yourself a ride of some great reading by grabbing a copy of THE THINGS SHE SAYS.

Patti Fischer