Texas Cattleman's Club: Lies and Lullabies , Book 5
Harlequin Desire #2432
ISBN: 978-0-373-73445-0
March 2016
Contemporary Series Romance

Royal, Texas – Present Day

Kyle Wade's brother Liam has been trying to contact the Navy SEAL since it was discovered Kyle had fathered motherless twin girls. Kyle has been MIA to his family (though not to his employer) and in the meantime, Kyle's brother Liam has started the process of adopting the babies. But one day Kyle shows up in Royal, seemingly unaware of the little ones he'd created with a woman he once spent a weekend with. Of course, there's plenty of tension and explaining to do, but he's now ready to take on his responsibilities as a father. Unfortunately, the person who stands in his way to claim his children is his old teenage flame, social worker Grace Haines.

Grace thought she'd forgotten how it felt to be dumped by Kyle, but one look at the man and the bad memories come pouring out. How can a man once so selfish now claim he wants to take on the responsibilities of two beautiful infants? Is Kyle serious about raising his girls, or will he take off when the responsibility gets too much? Grace tells Kyle she can put their past behind them and make an impartial decision, but can she ignore the heat that rises between them whenever they're in the same room? Kyle broke Grace's heart once, and she's not about to let it happen again.

As the latest Texas Cattleman saga has unfolded throughout the previous books, the twin girls have been part of a continuing storyline as everyone has fallen in love with them. One of the infants has serious medical issues, which is why Grace wants to make sure Kyle understands the seriousness of raising his daughters. To everyone's relief, he decides to stay with Liam and his new wife and work on the ranch they share. Surely by sticking around, folks will see that Kyle has matured? Grace has to spend time with Kyle to keep an eye on him and watch how he takes care of the girls. Unfortunately for her, this means the flicker of desire bubbling between them rises to the surface. Just like in high school, Grace can't resist the charms of Kyle.

Things are not all cut and dried for Kyle in THE SEAL'S SECRET HEIRS. He didn't leave the navy to come home, but rather because he had no place to go after recovering from injuries he suffered during an attack. At times, the painful memories of those he cared for and who died hits him hard. Kyle tends to keep his suffering inside, so Grace doesn't understand his moodiness. Will he finally come clean and open up to her? Will he win her approval—and love—and convince her he's ready to become a father and a husband?

While THE SEAL'S SECRET HEIRS is part of the Texas Cattleman's Club series, it can be read as a standalone without too much trouble. But if you enjoy reading stories with a bit of intrigue and filled with love and secrets, then why not start by reading the first book in the series?

Kyle came home to see his brother, but found himself a father in THE SEAL'S SECRET HEIRS. While he claims his children, will he also reclaim the woman he never forgot? Find out in this intriguing tale.

Patti Fischer