Dynasties: The Montoros , Book 4
Harlequin Desire #2391
ISBN: 978-0-373-73404-7
August 2015
Contemporary Series Romance

Isle of Alma – Present Day

With her brother about to be installed as the king of Alma, Bella Montoro isn't looking forward to life as a royal, especially since her father has already picked out a husband for her. To keep peace in the family, Bella agrees to at least meet the intended groom, Will Rowling, whose father is a major investor in Alma. Out and about one day, she spots Will and is intrigued by him. She goes up to introduce herself and learns that the man is Will's twin, James. After their spirited encounter, Bella wonders why James can't be the man her father wants her to marry.

James is home to visit with his family while he decides on his football (soccer) career, and he already isn't on his father's good side. As the black sheep brother, nothing James can do pleases his father, so getting involved with Will's intended bride will only cause more anger. But Bella is beautiful and charming… and something about her attracts him like no other woman has. They can't stay away from each other, and soon he's accompanying her on a trip to an abandoned royal getaway cottage, where they begin an affair. Their time together is short, but will it be enough for them to fall in love?

Bella has always had the label of “wild princess”, so it's no wonder she feels a kindred spirit with James, a man who always seems to go against the rules. Their chemistry and compatibility is off the charts, yet both feel compelled to go against their heart and follow the rules laid down by their families. In Kat Cantrell's THE PRINCESS AND THE PLAYER, Bella and James can't help falling in love even as they plan for their inevitable split. Bella feels suffocated by family obligations, but supporting her brother is important to her. While at the beach hideaway, she uncovers some mysterious letters from the past belonging to her ancestors. Without giving away plot secrets, these end up playing an important moment in this tale.

Around Will, Bella doesn't feel the same kind of chemistry that she does with James. Yet their fathers insist they must marry to unite the families. James's father considers him unworthy and won't give into the notion that Bella and James are a better match. Will family responsibilities drive them apart in THE PRINCESS AND THE PLAYER? James wishes he could be the man Bella's family wants as her groom, but she seems to love him just the way he is. Will she convince her father that she wants to follow her heart?

Duty and love collide in this romantic tale of two rebels who meet and defy their families. Will James and Bella get a chance for a happily-ever-after in THE PRINCESS AND THE PLAYER? Find out in this intriguing romance.

Patti Fischer