Love and Lipstick , Book 3
Harlequin Desire #2488
ISBN: 978-0-373-73501-3
December 2016
Contemporary Series Romance

Dallas, Texas and Los Angeles, California – Present Day

Research doctors Dante Gates and Harper Livingston have been friends for years. In fact, after Harper is artificially inseminated, the first person she tells is Dante and goes all the way to his home in California to tell him in person. But his reaction is one of dismay. Dante's excuse is that he's shocked by her decision to have a baby alone and because the sperm donor also happens to be a rival scientist. This leads to a deeper confrontation when he learns that she is a virgin. Why should Dante care?

Dante has secretly been attracted to Harper even if he doesn't believe in love, because he feels their friendship shouldn't be broken by their having a fling. He can have any woman he wants, especially because he started starring in a science television show that has him nicknamed Dr. Sexy and attracting a lot of female attention. Harper teases him over his fame, yet she also feels uncomfortable with it. After he finds out about her plans, it sends Dante into a tailspin. He wants to make her realize that having sex is the best way to get pregnant. They end up making love, but it leads to a complication neither expects: wanting more.

It's a case of two scientists discovering love in THE PREGNANCY PROJECT, the latest installment of the Love and Lipstick series by Kat Cantrell. Harper has led a quiet and uneventful life, first completing her extensive college program, then hooking up with her three girl friends to form a beauty company. But their latest—and most promising—invention has been derailed by the FDA over someone possibly stealing their patent. Harper asks Dante for his insight on the issue to help find the culprit. After their meeting in Los Angeles, he follows her to Dallas, where they work diligently to find out if there is a leak in the company. Since he's staying at her house, it leads to close encounters of the kissing kind. Those kisses lead to more.

Harper and Dante are two highly intelligent people who think love is not for them, because there must be a scientific reason why people are attracted to each other. Surely that doesn't apply to them since they can control their sexual chemistry to others? Or maybe not… Dante is still annoyed she asked his rival to impregnate her and didn't ask him. Both value their friendship and have ignored the signs of a physical attraction between them. But in THE PREGNANCY PROJECT, they explore the desire that's built between them over the years.

THE PREGNANCY PROJECT is an intriguing romance of best friend scientists, Dante and Harper, who think there's a logical reason for most everything in life, yet they soon discover love has its own rules. Grab a copy to find out how they reach their happily-ever-after in THE PREGNANCY PROJECT.

Patti Fischer