Love and Lipstick , Book 1
Harlequin Desire #2446
ISBN: 978-0-373-73459-7
May 2016
Contemporary Series Romance

Dallas, Texas Present Day

Gage Branson hasn't seen his ex-girlfriend, Cassandra Claremont, since they broke up in college years ago, but he's about to pay her a visit. Gage has built a successful men's skincare company and just launched a revolutionary new product. However, he received a tip that Fyra Cosmetics, a company founded by Cass and her three friends, is about to launch a similar product. Rather than let them rain on his parade (and grab some of his profits) he's going to offer to buy the formula from them. Lo and behold, before he even enters the company's building, he runs into Cass. To say she's not happy to see him is an understatement.

Cass never forgave Gage for dumping her in college. Now he's in town trying to snatch away their new product before Fyra can even get it on the market. He makes a hefty offer, but she's not budging. Meanwhile, someone is leaking company secrets and Cass has been enlisted by her fellow partners to find the leak. Gage agrees to help her, though both are aware he's going to try to influence her to agree to the sale. As they spend time together, the sparks are rekindled. How long will it be before things are hot and heavy between Gage and Cass?

Cass and Gage are exes and both are CEOs of their respective companies. He was hell bent on making it big, and getting tied down with a woman wasn't in his plans, and this led to his deciding to break things off with Cass in college. Cass hasn't forgiven him and sees him as an ego driven playboy. But beneath his carefree lifestyle is a man who loves his work and his dog. His dog, Arwen, goes with him wherever he is. In THE CEO'S LITTLE SURPRISE, I was a tad disappointed we didn't get to see much interaction between Arwen and Cass. However, there's plenty of steamy action between Gage and Cass.

Tensions run high and tempers flare in THE CEO'S LITTLE SURPRISE. This new invention could put Fyra Cosmetics on the map, but Gage is determined he's going to corner the market on the new product and will do anything to get it. Even seducing his ex, Cass. There's a lot of back and forth sexy banter between them as she tries to hide behind sophisticated attire and a cool as ice attitude. But it's Gage who can get beneath the veneer and see the real woman. Will the passion be reignited without singeing each other's hearts?

THE CEO'S LITTLE SURPRISE is the first tale in the Love and Lipstick series that revolves around the four female owners of Fyra Cosmetics. Their invention might skyrocket the company to fame, but others are after their secrets. Purchase a copy of THE CEO'S LITTLE SURPRISE, grab a comfy chair and get ready for a fun, sexy read.

Patti Fischer