THE BABY DEAL - Kat Cantrell
Billionaires and Babies
Silhouette Desire #2247
ISBN: 978-0-373-73260-9
August 2013
Series Romance

West Texas - Present Day

When his best friends and business partners are killed, Michael “Shay” Shayden gains custody of their five month old son, Mikey.  Unsure of how to be a dad, Shay turns to an expert on the subject of parenting, Dr. Juliana Cane, the woman who broke his heart eight years earlier.  While he has no intention of letting Juliana anywhere near his heart again, it quickly becomes apparent that the chemistry between them is still strong, and the thought of ruffling the feathers of the unflappable Dr. Cane is too much to resist.

Juliana was very much in love with Shay, but she wanted stability in her life, and somebody whose head and heart were in the clouds was never going to be her perfect match.  Shay's desire to travel in space along with his daredevil, risk-taking personality convinced Juliana that she would lose him sooner or later, so she chose to leave him on her own terms.  Now, with a marriage that failed due to her infertility, she's poured everything into her career as a psychologist specializing in children.  She agrees to help Shay in order to gather information for the book she plans to write, and figures she'll be immune to his charm since he hasn't changed.  But what will happen when Juliana realizes that maybe Shay has changed?

A couple gets a second chance to make it right in THE BABY DEAL.  Juliana and Shay met in college, and though neither will admit it, they never got over one another.  The attraction they feel for each other sizzles as much as it did in college, and while Shay is willing to see if the sex between them will be as good as it was in college, Juliana isn't quite as convinced that revisiting the past would be a good idea.  Seeing the changes in Shay makes her second-guess that decision, but she can't let herself forget that she's only a temporary part of making Shay and Mikey a family.

An interesting tale, look for THE BABY DEAL.

Jennifer Bishop