In Name Only , Book 2
Harlequin Desire #2550
ISBN: 978-0-373-83877-6
October 2017
Contemporary Series Romance

Raleigh, North Carolina – Present Day

Playboy Hendrix Harris and wild child Rosalind Carpenter both traveled to Las Vegas one weekend and ran into one another, where they ended up having a one-night stand. However, their naked romp in a hot tub got caught on camera, and the resulting scandal is upsetting their respective parents. Hendrix's mother is in the midst of running for governor and the last thing she needs is her son in a sex scandal. Roz has spent most of her life under the disapproving eye of her father, but now that she's trying to become respectable, the scandal is threatening to derail her plans to open a charity organization. A couple of weeks after Vegas, Hendrix shows up at Roz's office with a proposal: they get married. In name only, of course.

Neither Roz nor Hendrix really wants to get married, but getting the scandal to go away quietly isn't working. With his mother in the final stretch to the election, he doesn't want to be the reason why she lost. Roz wants her new venture to be successful, but it won't be if hospitals won't work with her due to her notorious past. Roz agrees to the marriage proposal, but issues two requests of her own: she doesn't want to be involved in the planning of the wedding, and she won't have sex with Hendrix prior to the ceremony. Let's just say that after the wedding ceremony, things get a little hot and heavy between them…

The rich seem to have it all, but a scandal, especially a sexual one, can throw a wrench into their lives. In ONE NIGHT STAND BRIDE, Roz and Hendrix's indiscretion turns into a trip down the aisle for them. They were aware of each other in Raleigh, but hadn't interacted much until that sizzling night in Vegas. Normally, what happens in Vegas stays there, but not in Roz and Hendrix's case. Hendrix and his two best friends had vowed to never marry after another friend in college committed suicide after a breakup, but now one friend has already broken the vow. You can find Jonas's tale in BEST FRIEND BRIDE, out now. There is one friend left, Warren, and he's going to be the hardest to find a bride for in the In Name Only series by Kat Cantrell.

Roz is the only child of a wealthy, but unemotional man. She has lived for a long time with his disapproval, and finally thought she had a way to a career by opening a “clown” entertainment charity for hospitals. But she's not getting any business, and the scandal isn't helping. Roz is hoping to use a connection to a popular politician as a jumping board to success. Roz tries to convince herself that whatever feelings she has for Hendrix will be just unemotional sex, but soon their connection runs deeper. Their marriage proves successful, not only in the marital relations department, but the scandal begins to simmer down. Just when it's safe to end their marriage, they realize it's not going to be easy to walk away from each other. However, they need to tell the other they love them!

A sexy romp that is fun and fresh, grab a copy of ONE NIGHT STAND BRIDE for an enjoyable read you won't want to miss.

Patti Fischer