Happily Ever After, Inc., Book 2
Harlequin Desire #2321
ISBN: 978-0-373-73334-7
August 2014
Series Romance

Dallas, Texas and Ile de Etienne in the Mediterranean - Present Day

One year ago, Juliet Villere led a protest against the ruling family of Delamar and destroyed her relationship with Prince Alain Phineas of Montagne in the process.  Learning that the prince was about to be married sent Juliet to America and eventually to the exclusive matchmaking service, EA International, hoping to find an American husband in order to get away from all of the reminders of Finn.  Unfortunately, the computer program that helps with the matchmaking considers her perfect match to be Finn.

In the year since Juliet stood against his family, Finn has become known as the Party Prince.  In an attempt to change his image, Finn agrees to his father's request to go to the matchmaking agency and enter into an arranged marriage.  When Juliet is chosen as his match, he isn't surprised their relationship worked for a reason but it also failed for a reason, and that means they'll need to find someone else.  Yet, in the meantime, why not enjoy a quiet meal with the woman he once loved?

Their private dinner ends when their different political views bring on another argument, and only gets worse when they are kidnapped on the way home.  Now Finn and Juliet are stuck on a private island with no means of communicating with the outside world.  But will this time alone allow them to communicate with each other, and finally solve the problems that are keeping them apart?

The second book in the Happily Ever After, Inc. series matches a couple up for a second chance in MATCHED TO A PRINCE.  Juliet and Finn had loved each other once, but the death of Juliet's brother put the couple on opposite sides of an issue, with neither one seeing the other's point of view.  Both were heartbroken by the break-up, and also each of them was left with a sense of betrayal over the other's refusal to budge from their respective sides.  Being matched up by EA International brings back all of the feelings between Finn and Juliet, both the good and the bad.  Being stranded together will give them the opportunity to solve their differences, but can these two stubborn people find their way through their past problems to a future together?  Pick up MATCHED TO A PRINCE to find out.

Jennifer Bishop