Happily Ever After, Inc. , Book 3
Harlequin Desire #2327
ISBN: 978-0-373-73340-8
September 2014
Series Romance

Dallas, Texas - Present Day

Dax Wakefield lost a seven figure deal as well as his best friend when the recently married Leo decided he was in love with his new wife, and was putting her first.  So when Dax walks onto the set of the morning news and sees Elise Arundel, the matchmaker responsible for his friend's defection, Dax takes over the interview, planning to put the woman on the spot.  Instead, she turns the tables on him, and before he can stop it, he's agreed to allow her to match him with his soul mate.

Elise Arundel hates the spotlight, but she agrees to the interview on the morning news because she's proud of the business she's built.  Having Dax Wakefield call her matchmaking abilities—and true love itself—a fraud causes her to challenge him.  If she can't find him his soul mate, he's welcome to ruin her business.  As she gets to know him in order to fill in his profile, Elise realizes he's not quite the ogre she believed him to be, but when her computer program matches Dax up with her, she figures she's made a mistake.

In the final book in the Happily Ever After, Inc. series, matchmaker Elise finds herself MATCHED TO HER RIVAL.  She's worked hard to build a successful business and takes matching people to their soul mates very seriously.  The computer program she uses is one she created herself, and Elise used her own profile to test it out, but this is the first time her name has popped up as a match.  She's not against finding her own soul mate, but she has a hard time believing it could be Dax.  He, on the other hand, doesn't believe in soul mates or lasting love and figures proving it to Elise and ruining her business is the best revenge for everything he's lost.  Dax hadn't expected Elise to be beautiful or smart, and the fact that she sees through him is a bit disconcerting.  As they get to know each other during her profile interview process, Elise and Dax realize they have quite a bit in common, including an overwhelming attraction to each other…as well as difficulty trusting other people.

An engaging story, look for MATCHED TO HER RIVAL.

Jennifer Bishop