Newlywed Games , Book 1
Harlequin Desire #2369
ISBN: 978-0-373-73382—8
April 2015
Contemporary Series Romance

Grace Bay, Turks and Caicos Islands – Present Day

Two years ago, Cara Chandler-Harris and Keith Mitchell had a whirlwind romance and she ended up pregnant. Keith promised to do the right thing by marrying her, but just before the wedding, Cara miscarried and Keith dumped her when he found out. Some people might want to avoid anything wedding related as a grim reminder, but Cara instead started designing wedding gowns. She's built a nice clientele in the Houston area, so the opportunity to be part of a wedding expo at Grace Bay is not something to pass up when it could mean expanding her business. However, Cara's excitement at this turn in her life comes to a screeching halt when she learns Keith is in charge of the expo.

Keith knew Cara had been invited, but he wanted the best, so his company sent her the invite. He is still annoyed at her from two years ago when he thought she tried to pretend she was pregnant in order to trick him into marriage. What he learns soon after meeting Cara again is that she really was pregnant. While he's sorry for his misconception, he's not sorry about not marrying her because he never plans to marry after a disastrous childhood. However, he still is attracted to her and wants a fling with her while they're working together. But will an affair have Cara still wanting a marriage?

After being dumped by Keith, Cara threw herself into the wedding dress designing business with her sister, Meredith, as her assistant. She's thrilled at the opportunity the expo will provide, but her joy comes crashing down when she meets Keith once again. She lashes out at him, while he initially is cold with her because of his mistaken belief she lied to him two years ago about being pregnant.  Forced to be around each other, the sexual tension rises between them, which is put to the test when they realize how much they do match well together.

When a tropical storm wreaks havoc and damage, Keith reluctantly accepts Cara's help to reorganize the expo after the delay, which leads to conversations and…kisses.  Neither can deny the attraction, but agree that a fling is all they can have between them. Yet the more Cara and Keith are around each other, the harder it is to not feel a deeper attraction. Keith holds a part of himself from Cara, thinking that if he falls in love, it will be a mistake. Cara doesn't think Keith can be trusted after he dumped her on the altar. But when things finally come to a head, not only does Cara realize she loves Keith, but he decides to end things again. Not great timing!

FROM EX TO ETERNITY is part of a two book series called the Newlywed Games , with the second tale also out this month and tells Meredith's story (FROM FAKE TO FOREVER). Cara's tale should be read first, as Meredith's picks up after FROM EX TO ETERNITY. Kat Cantrell has penned a sexy, fun tale that captures the angst of wedding belle blues and the fiery attraction that blazes between Cara and Keith. Can they work things out and march their way down the aisle for a second chance at marriage? Find out for yourself in the enjoyable FROM EX TO ETERNITY. But don't forget to pick up FROM FAKE TO FOREVER also.

Patti Fischer