Love and Lipstick
, Book 4
Harlequin Desire #2499
ISBN: 978-0-373-83826-4
February 2017
Contemporary Series Romance

Dallas, Texas – Present Day

Billionaire baseball owner and general manager Logan McLaughlin will do just about anything to help his floundering team succeed. This includes going on a reality show where he is paired with cosmetics marketing executive Trinity Forrester, who is also in need of some PR to help promote the company she co-owns with three other partners. Logan and Trinity strike sparks with each other immediately, which causes interest from the media. Since both are trying to drum up business for their respective companies, they decide to fake a romance to make sales skyrocket. It works so well, the two are soon locking lips and wanting more. Neither is prepared for the sudden attraction that develops between them, or to the real possibility that their heated passion may have led to an unexpected pregnancy when a condom fails.

Logan has worked hard to build his pro baseball team, but with lagging ticket sales and a losing record, he needs something to rejuvenate it. While the reality show where he meets Trinity is a one-time experience, faking a romance with her means going out on dates and being seen around town and at events. Logan is uptight and rarely goes out to have a good time, while Trinity is carefree and unique in her personality and how she dresses. She certainly wouldn't have fit his requirements as someone he would've dated in the past. However, being around her has his libido running hot. As much as he tries to convince her to tone down her outrageous outfits and personality, it's her uniqueness that is making him fall in love with her

With one side of her head shaved and her colorful outfits, Trinity is someone you won't forget about once you meet her. She thinks Logan is a bit of a stick-in-the-mud, yet he treats her like a lady and it has her looking at him in a different way. Oh, and the sex between them is hotter than a melting ice cube. She isn't looking for love, but soon finds herself falling for Mr. Reliable Logan. The more Trinity is around Logan, the harder it is to break things off. After all, their romance is only temporary . . .

FROM ENEMIES TO EXPECTING is the fourth and final book in the Love and Lipstick series by Kat Cantrell. Trinity was always the free spirt of the four ladies who founded Frya Cosmetics and they're about to launch a new and revolutionary product that needs plenty of buzz to help sell it. With both Logan and Trinity needing PR, getting together only seems natural. But as both discover in FROM ENEMIES TO EXPECTING, their chemistry is more sizzling than what one finds in a lab. Their unexpected romance has them feeling as if they're falling into an abyss and they want to claw their way out before it overwhelms them. But Logan and Trinity are like the missing pieces of a puzzle…they fit together. Find out in FROM ENEMIES TO EXPECTING how they finally figure it out.

Patti Fischer