In Name Only , Book 1
Harlequin Desire #2531
ISBN: 978-0-373-83858-5
July 2017
Contemporary Series Romance

Raleigh, North Carolina Present Day

To ward off his grandfather's plans to force him into marriage with the daughter of a potential business partner, billionaire Jonas Kim decides to execute his own marriage of convenience with his good friend, bakery owner Viviana Dawson. They will marry, then quietly divorce after his grandfather appoints him as the new CEO. But there's one problem: Viv is in love with Jonas. She hopes that once they're married, she can convince him to make their marriage real and tear up the contract. But Jonas has a vow with his two best friends to never marry for love.

Jonas is the only grandson of a Korean CEO of a company based in Seoul, but he's hoping to convince his grandfather to move the business headquarters to North Carolina. This is why he couldn't outright defy the marriage merger planned by his grandfather. In Jonas's mind, Viv is perfect for a marriage in name only as she has her own business and they get along great. But once they move in together, things heat up between them, and they're soon making love. Will the great sex and their compatibility persuade Jonas to stay married to Viv?

A plan to avoid being trapped in a bad marriage ends with a couple soon finding themselves entangled in BEST FRIEND BRIDE. In college, after a friend committed suicide following a bad breakup, the remaining three male friends made a pact to never fall in love. Jonas first started coming into Viv's cupcake bakery shop for the cupcakes, but soon realized he enjoys their friendship. He figures she won't cause a fuss about his plan, and is pleased when she agrees to their marriage of convenience. But of course, they have to convince their families that they married for love . . . and that means sleeping in the same bed on a weekend visit to his parents. Friendship turns . . . to lust.

It doesn't take much for Viv to lure Jonas into becoming attracted to her. After all, most men like sexy lingerie . . . and the prospect of taking it off their woman. But Jonas is a hard shell to crack when it comes to giving his heart . . . and love. Will Viv's heart break if Jonas rejects her declaration of love? Can he break the vows he made with his two best friends to not fall in love? In BEST FRIEND BRIDE, finding love and happiness is a bumpy road for Jonas and Viv.

The first book in the In Name Only series, readers can assume the other tales will be about Jonas's two friends. They pop up a couple of times in BEST FRIEND BRIDE, but it appears each story will work as a standalone. If you love best friends to lover romances, then BEST FRIEND BRIDE is just the one you're looking to read this summer.

Patti Fischer