Dynasties: The Newports , Book 2
Harlequin Desire #2462
ISBN: 978-0-373-73475-7
August 2016
Contemporary Series Romance

Chicago, Illinois Present Day

Widowed Nora Winchester O'Malley is back in Chicago for her father who has terminal cancer. She has been estranged from him due to his overbearing attitude and even now, as sick as he is, he is mean towards her. She's barely arrived when a bouquet of flowers arrives for her. They're from her old friend, billionaire Reid Chamberlain, a man she once had a crush on, but who kept things platonic between them. Nora goes to Reid's office to thank him, and he invites her to dinner. She accepts and they're getting along very well, until he learns she has a two year-old son. Reid can't push Nora away fast enough.

Reid not only doesn't ever want children, he doesn't want to be a stepfather. The electric chemistry between him and Nora shows that their once platonic friendship is ready to go further, but having a child is a deal breaker for him. Nora is frustrated by his response to this issue, especially since they're clearly attracted to each other. But the night they make love, Reid meets her son (unknown to her), and suddenly changes his mind about seeing her despite the fact she has a child. Nora makes it clear her stay in Chicago is only temporarily, so is an affair the only thing they can offer each other?

Reid is known as a bit of a player in Chicago, and Nora assumes they'll pick up their friendship where they left off all those years ago. However, things start to heat up right away between them, but once Reid realizes she has a child, he turns on the brakes. Nora is left confused by his sudden dislike of children. As such, she doesn't want her son around anyone who won't interact with children, and Reid stops calling her. But the attraction is still there, and a chance to talk leads to more than words. It is during the night that he runs into her little boy, who takes a liking to him. Can a man who didn't think he can be daddy material find it in his heart to accept the child of the woman he's attracted to?

In AN HEIR FOR THE BILLIONAIRE, there is a lot of tense emotion going on. There is Reid struggling with his past and the reasons why he feels he can't be around children (he lost most of his family in a murder/suicide). Nora has her own issues as she lost her husband while he was deployed in Afghanistan, plus she is dealing with a sick father who is unlovable and brusque to her. She had hoped her visit would find him mellow, but nope. Nora and her sisters have just learned they have a brother, and that he wants to sue the family for his share of the wealth. This is the conflict that provides the basis for the latest Dynasties series.  With everything going on, Nora wonders if she made the right decision to visit, because she'd rather return to her home in Colorado.

Despite all their obstacles, Nora and Reid manage to find love and a happily-ever-after in AN HEIR FOR THE BILLIONAIRE.

Patti Fischer