Love and Lipstick , Book 2
Harlequin Desire #2451
ISBN: 978-0-373-73464-1
June 2016
Contemporary Series Romance

Dallas, Texas and Washington, DC - Present Day

Alexandra "Alex" Meek prefers to be a wallflower, but as the chief financial officer of Fyra Cosmetics, she has to attend parties. At one of these parties, she tries to blend into the scenery as usual, but Senator Phillip Edgeworth won't let her. They've known each other through the company for a few weeks, and Phillip is as much intrigued as he is amused by her behavior. But during the party they hit it off. A sizzling night of lovemaking ends the next morning when he flies back to Washington. A continuing affair hangs in suspense due to long distance, but then Alex discovers four weeks later she's pregnant with Phillip's child.

As a politician planning a future run for the presidency, having a child born out of wedlock isn't wise for his career plans. Phillip immediately proposes to Alex - but it's a business-like proposition. They'll raise their child together, but love won't be involved. After some hesitation, Alex agrees, but deep down she hopes she can change his mind about love, because she's already halfway there. Phillip makes it clear there will be no emotional connection in their marriage, because he feels there's only one woman he has ever loved…his late wife. Can Alex compete with a dead woman?

A marriage based not on love, but a child, doesn't have much of a chance for a happily-ever-after in A PREGNANCY SCANDAL, though Alex hopes to change Phillip's mind. She has always kept in the background, but with the cosmetics company she's co-founded with her three best friends and a new product they're trying to launch, she can longer hide behind potted plants. Phillip is assisting their company in getting FDA approval, so it's no surprise they're socializing at parties together. But this particular night, the lust between them rises hotter than molten lava. After that one night, Phillip is confused by his feelings for Alex, but once he learns she's pregnant, then it's time to get married.

Their marriage starts off on a shaky note, especially since Alex has severe morning sickness. Phillip tries to help her, but he's also trying to keep her at an arm's length due to his mixed feelings. They're great in bed together, but is it just the sex? Add in that both are busy-she with the company, and he has to be in Washington-then they don't have much of a chance to work out the issues of their marriage. Part of it is trust issues, some of it is because Phillip locks in his emotions. Unfortunately, Alex needs him to be there for her emotionally. They barely got a chance to know each other before they married, and A PREGNANCY SCANDAL reflects the growing pains of trying to find wedded bliss.

Part of the Love and Lipstick series by Kat Cantrell, A PREGNANCY SCANDAL can be read as standalone pretty much without having read the first book, THE CEO'S LITTLE SURPRISE. The women of Fyra Cosmetics are independent and strong, but they will unexpectedly find love. An emotional and intriguing read, grab a copy of A PREGNANCY SCANDAL

Patti Fischer