HER KIND OF MAN – Elaine Cantrell
Lachesis Publishing - www.lachesispublishing.com
ISBN: 978-1-897562-91-8
April 2012
Contemporary Romance

Fairfield – Present Day

Kara and Katie are searching bride magazines trying to find the perfect dresses for Kara and Brandon's wedding in two weeks.  Their sister, Kelly, arrives late for dinner again.  She says she has been working overtime at the dentist's office.  Kara soon discovers that there is more to the story when she sees Kelly and Brandon embracing.  Kara is devastated when Brandon breaks off their engagement and her sister moves in with him.

Ross has been madly in love with Kara for years, but had been too shy in high school to ask her out.  He works the family farm after his father's death.  Now that he is older and more confident in himself, Ross hears about her broken engagement, so he asks Kara out to dinner.  Even though she is heartbroken, she accepts the invitation.  Surprisingly, she has a wonderful time until she spots Brandon 's parents at the restaurant reminding her of all she lost.  To add insult to injury, her family tells her that Kelly and Brandon are getting married on the date that Kara had been going to marry Brandon .  Kara is hurt and angry.

Ross is encouraged after the date with Kara.  They had enjoyed each other's company and shared a hot kiss on the way home.  He wants more than one kiss—he has always loved her.  His mother and brother warn him that Kara is a city girl and he is a farmer, and she is hurting now and needs time to get over her broken engagement.  Will Kara see the wonderful guy Ross is and come to terms with her life?  More secrets are revealed that Kara finds difficult to accept.

There are many misunderstandings in HER KIND OF MAN.  Kara is even more devastated when she discovers a surprise in her family and doesn't know which way to turn.  Whom can she trust, and what choices does she have for happiness in her life?  Ross is a great guy determined to help Kara who is a little immature.  He is a wonderful character, supportive, handsome and strong, and both families of Ross and Kara are likeable.  Secondary characters, Katie and Kelly, love their sister and want the best for her.  HER KIND OF MAN is a quick read, and an entertaining story which flows well.  Readers are sure to enjoy this one.

Marilyn Heyman