Everson, Texas Series, Book 3
Grand Central Publishing's Forever
ISBN: 978-1-455-51574-5
April 2014
Contemporary Romance

Summer in Everson, Texas

Theo Jacobson has been conducting tours in the wilds of Alaska and is flying to Everson to attend his big brother's wedding. He's in his own small plane and can't resist flying over the big house on the hill above town. He's pleased to see Irene Cornwell enjoying her pool…in the nude. He can't help but wag his wings in greeting.

Irene and Theo have a history, one that ended ten years ago. It's a bit of a question of who broke up with whom, but Irene is not looking forward to meeting Theo again. Yet he is his brother Jake's best man, and she's planning the wedding for the couple; a meeting is inevitable. Wedding planning is a new career for Irene, one she needs for her own satisfaction, not for the income. Irene married a wealthy older man but is now a widow. She has plenty of money and runs the foundation established by her husband. A few in town call her the Black Widow—they don't know her well as she grew up in a nearby town, as did Theo.

FLIRTING WITH FOREVER is a wonderfully heartwarming story. I had never read anything by Ms. Cannon and was afraid this would be just a Big Misunderstanding tale. But no, it's much, much more than that. There is fun, in-depth characterization, and a whole town full of interesting people and happenings. It carries on from two earlier books set in Everson, AIN'T MISBEHAVING, the love story of the wedding couple, Jake and Marla Jean, and A CRAZY LITTLE THING CALLED LOVE about the pair who run the local Bed and Breakfast. While FLIRTING WITH FOREVER stands very well alone, I liked it enough—it just kept getting better and better—for me to recommend reading them all.

Jane Bowers