A Valentine Valley Novel
ISBN: 978-0-06-224251-8
February 2014
Contemporary Romance

Valentine Valley, Colorado – Present Day

Lingerie store owner Whitney Winslow is working on opening a new branch in Valentine Valley, with cowboy Josh Thalberg providing her with some of his handmade leatherwork for her shop. She's finding it difficult to ignore the ping of sexual desire that she feels for this hot, sexy cowboy—and he feels the same way and wants them to be more than business partners. But Whitney thinks she can't mix business and pleasure, yet can't deny that his kisses are out of this world. They finally agree to take it slow and see how things proceed.

Josh is charming and a babe magnet, so when a competing business owner decides to snap a picture of him for promotion, he's soon being pursued like a Hollywood star by a legion of female fans. It's frustrating for both Josh and Whitney that they can't walk around town without some woman coming up and hyperventilating over him, especially when it interferes with their plans to get to know one another better.  The sex is great, but Whitney doesn't see herself as wanting to tie herself down with one man, especially since her first priority is her business. Josh respects her wishes, and should be happy, yet he finds himself wanting more. Can he convince Whitney to give their relationship a chance to become permanent?

Working together might be hard for Whitney and Josh with this sizzling hot chemistry between them. They promise themselves “business only” at first, but they can barely contain the lust and hope to keep it under the radar, especially from Josh's family in Valentine Valley. Josh helps run the family ranch, and in his spare time he creates leatherwork that is in high demand in stores around town. He recently expanded elsewhere in Colorado, and while Whitney sees the new businesses as potential rivals, she decides to act as his agent so she can make sure he gets the best deal since Josh doesn't have a clue about contracts and money matters. But even she couldn't have foreseen Josh becoming a female sensation, which includes a fan club and pictures being taken of him by fanatical fans.

Meanwhile, Whitney is still dealing with resistance from locals over her sexy lingerie store plans. She is getting anonymous threats from someone who wants her to leave town. Josh's protective instincts kick in, and this forces them to spend even more time together. The attraction between them grows, but is their affair short term? Whitney has a wild past; is it catching up with her?

THE COWBOY OF VALENTINE VALLEY is part of the Valentine Valley series, and while one could read this as a standalone, it's best to have read the other books to help understand who is who. Josh is the final Thalberg sibling to find love, with his brother Nate and sister Brooke showing up at various times, as does their irrepressible grandma. It's love all around in Valentine Valley.

Sweet and sexy, THE COWBOY OF VALENTINE VALLEY features a hot cowboy and a sassy heroine, and readers will enjoy their chemistry and lively banter. An entertaining read from beginning to end, pick up a copy of THE COWBOY OF VALENTINE VALLEY.

Patti Fischer