A Valentine Valley Novel
ISBN: 978-0-06-232340-8
November 2014
Contemporary Romance

Valentine Valley, Colorado – Present Day

Tony De Luca and Kate Fenelli were teenage sweethearts, but their road to a happily-ever-after suffered a bump when Kate got pregnant. They married, but the stress and struggles of marriage and parenthood led to battles between them—and a divorce. They have managed to remain civil with one another because of their son, Ethan, who is now thirteen. Kate has a successful career in Vail as an attorney, while Tony runs his bar in Valentine Valley and has primary custody of Ethan. But Kate's world is tilted when she's suspended from her job after a disagreement with the partners in the law firm. It's the day before Thanksgiving, and she doesn't know what to do, so she heads to Valentine Valley where Ethan and most of her family live, but the first place she stops at is Tony's bar. And it reminds her how attractive Tony is…

Tony is still hurt by Kate's abandonment of their family when she chose her career over them. When she walks into his bar, he's surprised by the reaction inside him. She's still beautiful and sexy, even though they are now both into their thirties. He doesn't mind her plan to stick around town while she's on her sabbatical, but her nearness has him feeling restless. Then when she begins to hang around his bar, he challenges her to come work for him temporarily to ward off boredom. She accepts, but he wonders if he's made a mistake as their sizzling mutual attraction has them wanting to take a wild walk down memory name—and rekindle the dormant passion for each other.

Kate is at loose ends in SLEIGH BELLS IN VALENTINE VALLEY after suddenly finding herself without a job to go to. She's been perfectly content to see her son on weekends and holidays, but with time on her hands, she heads to Valentine Valley to spend Thanksgiving with her parents and her son, knowing she'll run into Tony living next door. Tony and Kate develop a friendship as they declare a truce. When they were teens they could barely spend time apart from each other, but the divorce was inevitable as Kate had designs on bigger things, while Tony was content to run a bar. Being around each other has the sparks setting off again, which leads to kisses…and more…between them.

Tony has remained single after all these years, using the excuse that his son comes first. Having Kate in town stirs up the memories of when they were madly in love and then watched as their love died over disagreements over their future. Both realize that they don't want to give their son any hope of a reconciliation, so they keep their relationship—and fling—a secret. Yet to many in Valentine Valley, it's clear the flame still burns bright between Tony and Kate. But her time in town will end in a few weeks, and she plans to return back to Vail and her job. Tony's life is in Valentine Valley. Will things end amicably, or is there a chance they can work their problems out for a future?

SLEIGH BELLS IN VALENTINE VALLEY is a feel good tale of getting second chances with the one you never stopped loving. The failure of their marriage hangs over their relationship, plus not wanting to hurt their son once again if they break up. Alas, it's clear to those around them, including their son, that things are heating up between Tony and Kate. Readers who love a sensual tale with a holiday theme will surely enjoy SLEIGH BELLS IN VALENTINE VALLEY. It's a return to Valentine Valley as we catch up on several characters from past stories, but this tale can work as a standalone.

Emma Cane is heating up the holidays with her sexy, romantic tale of a reunited couple in SLEIGH BELLS IN VALENTINE VALLEY. Curl up with this book and be ready to be entertained.

Patti Fischer