Billionaires and Babies
Harlequin Desire #2449
ISBN: 978-0-373-73462-7
June 2016
Contemporary Series Romance

Calico County, Texas – Present Day

Navy SEAL Chance Masters and veterinarian Holly Anderson were the best of friends when they were younger, but they lost contact with each other after he entered the military. Chance is now back on military leave after a tragic accident, and can't believe how pretty Holly has become. He isn't planning on staying any longer than it takes to get his medical clearance, but maybe a hot little fling with Holly will scratch the sudden itch he feels. Then he discovers Holly has a child.

After her brother was killed in Afghanistan and his wife died in childbirth, Holly took over raising their little girl, Emma. Holly has always had a crush on Chance but he's a different person than the boy she grew up loving. He's harder—in more ways than before—and keeps a part of his feelings locked deep inside. Her first priority is Emma, and getting involved with Chance and facing the prospect of a broken heart doesn't seem like a wise idea. But she is sorely tempted…

Chance comes from a wealthy family, but it is his brothers, Wade and Cole, who have run the family business after their father died, while Chance joined the navy SEALS. He loves the job, mainly because it has allowed him to put his painful childhood behind him. His father was a cold bastard who turned his back on his wife. Chance watched her die of a broken heart, and doesn't plan to ever marry. Holly is the best part of his past and he starts out intending to keep their relationship platonic. But she's irresistible, even with a child, but marriage? No way. He has PTSD over a child's death that occurred on his last mission and thinks he doesn't deserve to become a father. Holly comes with a readymade family.

Holly is a dedicated veterinarian and also won't turn her back on Emma, even if she deeply loves Chance. She knows there's something that's keeping him from interacting with Emma, but she's willing to ignore it since she doesn't plan to give into the sensual pull of Chance's hot kisses. Meanwhile, Holly's office is trashed by an intruder. Is someone trying to send her a sinister message, or was it a random act of vandalism? Chance goes into protective mode and moves them into his family's mansion, and he finally gets to see that Emma is a sweet child. Will this closeness provide the catalyst that ends up with Chance and Holly between the sheets?

In REDEEMING THE BILLIONAIRE SEAL, Chance has a lot of thinking to do about his past before he can move forward to the future. But it is the present with Holly and Emma that is occupying his mind. He's going to have to trust his instincts to make the right decision. REDEEMING THE BILLIONAIRE SEAL is an emotional tale that will tug at a reader's heart. Grab this one before it's off the bookshelves.

Patti Fischer