Harlequin Desire #2500
ISBN: 978-0-373-83827-1
February 2017
Contemporary Series Romance

New Orleans, Louisiana and Masters Ranch, Texas – Present Day

Real estate tycoon Cole Masters is finishing up his business trip in New Orleans when he decides to play hooky and join the French Quarter crowds for a night of revelry. He meets and hooks up with a woman, with no names exchanged and no commitments past the night spent together. Fast forward three months later and his men are about to start building his latest resort next to his ranch when an archeologist comes storming onto the property with a court order to stop the project because there may be historical artifacts in the ground. Cole almost immediately identifies the woman as his one-night stand.

Dr. Tallie Finley doesn't recognize Cole as his appearance has changed slightly but she still remembers the night spent with her mysterious stranger, especially since she ended up pregnant. She plans to raise the child alone, even if she finds him. Meanwhile, she is working on this dig because of her grandmother's deathbed request that Tallie search for the missing artifacts that will prove their family's birthright on the property.  It takes several weeks until she realizes who Cole is, then she's unsure how to tell him he's about to become a father, especially since he makes it clear he considers “pregnancy surprises” as a way to get to his bank account.

From the moment Tallie and Cole met in New Orleans, the sparks flew between them. Neither normally do one-night stands, but the fiery attraction led to a night of passion. Cole walked away thinking he'd never see her again, so is surprised when she shows up on his ranch in Texas three months later, with a court ordered cease order. He's angry at Tallie for it, because she's threatening his financial livelihood. Cole can't deny that he's still attracted to Tallie, even if she is too stubborn and has animosity towards him. He's aware she doesn't recognize him, and wonders how long it will take.

Years ago, Cole had been married and his wife had led him to believe she was pregnant with his child, but it turned out to be untrue. Shortly after their confrontation, she was killed, and Cole can't forget the betrayal. Since then, he's sworn off committed relationships.

Tallie is on a deadline to go over the property to search for artifacts, mainly because in a few months she'll be unable to work due to her pregnancy. After finally realizing Cole is her one-night stand, she is stunned and tries to avoid being around him, because she can't forget their glorious night together. Cole is charming and clearly wants her in his bed again, but how will he feel when he learns they're going to become parents? In ONE NIGHT WITH THE TEXAN, it takes most of the book before her secret is out. Once it's revealed, things go pretty fast, but not the way Cole expects.

Tallie and Cole clash a lot in ONE NIGHT WITH THE TEXAN, but their relationship is passionate, and it finally leads to the realization they love each other. An engaging tale, be sure to pick up ONE NIGHT WITH THE TEXAN.

Patti Fischer