Harlequin Desire #2386
ISBN: 978-0-373-73399-6
July 2015
Contemporary Series Romance

Calico Springs, Texas – Present Day

A year ago, Hollywood heartthrob Jace Compton waltzed into town and pretended to be cowboy Jack Campbell while staying at a ranch owned by a friend. He met small town girl Kelly Michaels and swept her off her feet...only to walk away, leaving her heart broken. Kelly learned soon after he left not only who he really was, but that she was pregnant with his child. Since he didn't bother to return her calls, she vowed to raise her son, Henry, as a single mother. One day while working at a job cleaning a house, Jace walks in. Turns out this is his new house and he's moving back to Calico Springs. Jace didn't know about Henry, but he soon finds out…and he wants to be a daddy to his son. Will being around Kelly stir up desire for her once again?

Jace never forgot Kelly, but his manager produced a report that Kelly had a rap sheet a mile long, and Jace, who has problems trusting people, wrote her off as a con artist. He knew that he might run into her around town, but he was prepared to steel his heart against the attraction. However, he didn't expect to learn she bore his son. Since Kelly is part of the package deal, Jace feels the need to protect her and his son, especially when the paparazzi get hold of the news that Hollywood's bad boy is a secret father. The more Jace is around Kelly, the greater he finds that he wants her back in his bed. But her distrust of him throws a big wrench into his plans.

Jace might be a famous actor, but to Kelly he is just her son's father, and one who can't be trusted with the truth. In LONE STAR BABY BOMBSHELL, readers learn she fell head over heels in love with him a year ago, only to learn that he deceived her by lying not only about his name, but what he did. Henry was sick when he was born, so Kelly feels especially protective of her son, but she can't keep him away from his father. Kelly figures Jace will soon grow tired of fatherhood and living in a small Texas town, but as the days roll by, the sexual tension between them soars. There's no denying the attraction is still there, but can she trust him again?

After an abusive father almost killed his mother, Jace doesn't think he'd make a good father, but being around Henry opens his eyes. He wants to make good with Kelly, but she rebuffs him. At some point Jace is going to have to resume his acting career, but in the meantime he's enjoying his son…and getting to know Kelly again. Once he goes back to Hollywood, will things cool down between him and Kelly? Is there any chance they can work things out and look forward to a happily-ever-after?

A LONE STAR BABY BOMBSHELL is an emotion packed tale about learning to trust someone and falling in love. Henry is Jace and Kelly's precious son, and he is the link that will bring them together in this story. In the end, love is all that matters for Jace and Kelly. Grab this one before it's off the shelves.

Patti Fischer