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Sons of Sin , Book 1
Grand Central's Forever
ISBN: 978-0-455-51207-2
October 2012
Historical Romance

Devon, England - 1826

In order to save her sister's life, Sidonie Forsythe has orchestrated her own ruin.  Her sister, Roberta, Viscountess Hillbrook, has lost a large sum of money while gambling, and Jonas Merrick owns her markers.  Unfortunately, Jonas and Viscount Hillbrook have been sworn enemies since they were children, when the marriage between Jonas's parents was declared invalid and Jonas's cousin was named heir.  The two men have competed for years, and now Roberta is about to become the latest battle between them—in exchange for her markers, she will spend a week as Jonas's mistress.  However, Sidonie knows just what Roberta's fate will be if she follows through on this, so offers to take her sister's place.  Offering her virginity to the man Roberta has named a monster is little price to pay for Sidonie in exchange for her sister's life.  Yet Jonas Merrick is not what she expected.  His disfiguring scars don't scare her, and his coarse language causes excitement rather than disgust.

The anticipation Jonas feels for his week with Roberta is more about revenge against his cousin than interest in Roberta.  His interest in Sidonie is genuine, and surprising.   The innocent beauty who stands up to him and isn't afraid of his scars causes the jaded Jonas to change his plans.  The bargain with Roberta had been a week in his bed in exchange for her markers, yet with Sidonie the rules have changed.  She agrees to stay at the castle for the week, but she'll only come to his bed willingly.  It's not just confidence in himself that makes Jonas sure he'll be able to seduce Sidonie; in spite of her protests, he knows that she's interested.  But he hadn't counted on just how stubborn she could be.

SEVEN NIGHTS IN A ROGUE'S BED is a tantalizing tale of seduction and temptation.  After watching her mother and then her sister fall victim to controlling men, Sidonie decided she would never marry and become a man's possession, so she has avoided men most of her twenty-four years.  Jonas's domineering ways make her wary of him, but more worrying to Sidonie is the way he makes her feel.  Jonas has also avoided relationships, partly because of his scarred face, but also because of his station.  He went from being the heir to a viscount to being a bastard.  His father had never really recovered from the loss of his beloved wife. Having their marriage declared invalid and the scandal that followed destroyed him, and Jonas witnessed it all.  He's also a bit too focused on the enmity between himself and his cousin.  William may have inherited the title, but only a few of the properties were entailed, and so Jonas inherited most of the property and all of the money when his father died.  He's done his best to prove himself as more successful than William, and taking William's wife would be his latest victory.

As Sidonie and Jonas grow closer though, Sidonie holds a secret that could tear their fragile relationship to shreds.  A captivating historical romance, SEVEN NIGHTS IN A ROGUE'S BED should not be missed, and I look forward the next book in the Sons of Sin series.

Jennifer Bishop