The Willowmere Series , Book 3
Pocket Star Books
ISBN: 978-1-4391-1799-6
ISBN: 978-1-4391-5772-5 (e-book)
April 2011
Historical Romance

Post Regency England

Lady Vivian Carlyle is a bit of a madcap, though her small indiscretions are not enough for anyone to hold against a beautiful, wealthy young lady whose father is a duke, and whose brother is the most eligible bachelor in the kingdom. Vivian is highly independent and has no wish to marry. Besides, no man has ever interested her since her crush on her best friend's older brother when she was thirteen, and Vivian hid her feelings by playing tricks on him. The man is the oh-so proper Oliver Talbot, the Earl of Stewkesbury, and they still can't be together five minutes without getting into an argument. Vivian cares little if people talk about her; Oliver feels the need to lecture her on her behavior. They are, as Vivian says, like oil and water.

A few years back, Oliver found himself responsible for four young orphaned cousins from America , the Bascombe sisters, Marigold, Rose, Camellia and Lily. Rose and Mary found husbands in their first Season, presented by Vivian's new friend, Eve. As a favor to her just married friend, Lady Vivian is to introduce Lily and Camellia to Society this coming London Season. She and Oliver are no doubt going to meet often.

AN AFFAIR WITHOUT END delivers excellent dialogue and character interaction. It's lots of fun witnessing the mixing of the oil and water. Besides the growing awareness between Vivian and Oliver, there is a secondary romance brewing between two other unlikely people and the culmination of an established betrothal. Suspense is added by another plot line involving a rash of jewel thefts as well as an attempt at coercion of one of the sisters.

For passion and adventure, as well as a highly entertaining story, you'll want to get AN AFFAIR WITHOUT END. It stands very well on its own, but if you haven't read the earlier books, A LADY NEVER TELLS and A GENTLEMAN ALWAYS REMEMBERS, you'll want them also.

Jane Bowers