ISBN-10: 0-373-77136-3
ISBN-13: 978-0-373-771136-3
March 2007
Historical Romance

London , England 1800's

Eleanor, Lady Scarborough is grieving for her young husband.  She had taken Sir Edmund to Italy hoping the warm weather would help prolong his life, and although his health had been improving, he died in a boating accident.  He had been sickly all of his life, but his musical talent was huge.  Eleanor has an unconventional household that includes her father's old friend, Bartwell, a pugilist and now her butler; two young orphan children; and Zackary, her dark-skinned man of business.  Eleanor is a wealthy patron of the arts and had admired Edmund for his kindness as well as his talent.  She is heart sick that she could only bring his ashes home.  Eleanor has been named as trustee of Edmund's estate, much to the chagrin of his family, for they had never approved of Sir Edmund's American wife.  Anthony, Lord Neale, met the beautiful Eleanor over a year ago.  He felt instant attraction and lust for the gorgeous woman, and thinking she was marrying his sickly nephew for his money, offered her money to break it off.  Eleanor spurned his offer, and two months later left with Edmund for Italy .

Upset about her only son's death, Anthony's sister, Honoria, is sure that Eleanor murdered him.  She is angry that her son left Eleanor as the sole trustee of his wealth. Edmund's estate is to go to a cousin; funds will be disbursed by Eleanor to Edmund's younger sister until she is twenty-one, and nothing has been left to Eleanor.  When Anthony questions Eleanor about Edmund's death, almost accusing her of foul play, Eleanor is incensed and accuses him and his sister of only wanting Edmund's money.  Nevertheless, the attraction and sizzle between them is stronger than ever, and when Anthony kisses her, Eleanor bemoans the fact that he is the only man who has ever made her feel passion, and he is the one man that she cannot have.

Two strong characters, Anthony and Eleanor, gradually become friends, and when Eleanor is in danger, Anthony comes to her aid.  Eleanor is a beautiful, kind-hearted woman, but the ton thinks of her as a wealthy American cit with no background.  Good-hearted Eleanor rescued two orphan children now in her care, and got Edmund away from the clutches of his possessive mother so that he could write his beautiful music.  Secondary characters include Anthony's family, Eleanor's servants, and Dario from Italy , who was Edmund's good friend.  A wonderful romance, there is a bit of suspense to round out a well written and intriguing tale.  A DANGEROUS MAN has likeable characters and will keep readers turning the pages to see what will happen next.

Marilyn Heyman