FIRELIGHT - Kristen Callihan
Darkest London Series
A Perfect 10
Grand Central's Forever
ISBN: 978-1-455-50859-4
February 2012
Paranormal Historical Romance

England - 1881

Since childhood, Miranda Ellis has tried to hide a terrifying and powerful gift that she possesses within herself. Because this power caused untold hardship for her family, she has a less than loving relationship with her father. So she is not surprised when she returns home one day to discover that she has been promised in marriage to the darkly mysterious nobleman, Lord Benjamin Archer. There is little she can do, and within days she is the new Lady Archer, wed to a man who hides his face behind a mask.

Archer has been entranced by the lovely Miranda since a chance encounter with her three years before. He knows it is not right that he subject her to a life with him, a life that is far from normal. For Archer hides a shocking secret that he is determined never to share with Miranda, even though she seems resolute in discovering what he is hiding. When brutal murders begin to occur, killings linked to Archer, his young wife becomes obsessed with proving his innocence. As much as Archer tries to distance himself from Miranda, she is equally tenacious in her intent to get closer to her husband.

The dark, dangerous road Archer has taken absorbs him, but he slowly is beginning to realize that it is possible for someone to love him. He just can't let Miranda know how much he cares for her; it isn't healthy for her. The horrible secrets he hides are stripping him of his soul, and he won't drag his beloved wife down with him. But is there a way to stop her from trying to save him?

Wow! FIRELIGHT is a debut novel that will knock your socks off. Readers are not going to be able to casually read this novel. It's a page turner because everyone will want to know what is going on with Archer, who is the gruesome murderer, and can it be Archer? Of course, wanting to know how or if Miranda will use her power hovers in the background, too. The growing passion between Archer and Miranda steams up the pages, and just wondering if this story can have a happy ending will keep readers up at night. I know it did me!

Excellent secondary characters and an amazing premise make FIRELIGHT a rare Perfect 10 for a debut novel. I can't wait for the next book.

Jani Brooks