Highland Weddings
ISBN: 978-0-06-226800-6
March 2016
Historical Romance

Scotland 1727

Ten years ago Maggie McCallum and Owen Duff lived in Edinburgh near each other. They became good friends, sneaking away to star gaze or explore the city. But that ended suddenly when Owen revealed that he was betrothed, and Maggie had a vision of his future bride drowning. When she told Owen he assumed she was jealous, and was furious with her. Sadly, Maggie's premonition came true.

Now, Maggie and Owen find themselves about to be married to each other as a way to end the violent battle between their two clans. Maggie is at Castle Kinlochard, home to the Earl of Aberfoyle, Owen Duff, to wed her old friend. Owen is a changed man, the responsibility of his clan weighing heavy on his shoulders, more serious, but determined to do what is right for his family. But Maggie, whose sight has been dormant for some time, has seen Owen on their wedding night covered in blood and near death. And she is equally determined not to marry in order to save Owen's life.

Despite the years they've been separated, there are still some of the same feelings bubbling up between them that they shared in Edinburgh. Both of them have family histories that neither is proud of. Since Owen's father reneged on the marriage contract between Maggie's brother and Owen's sister, instead substituting her cousin Riona, Owen, as the new clan chief, feels that it's the right thing to do to settle the animosity between the clans. As for Maggie, her mother left her drunken husband after he fathered a child on a village girl, taking her son and daughter to Edinburgh for their safety.

Maggie's premonition comes between her and Owen, and it becomes obvious that there is someone else who is equally determined to stop the wedding. But Owen wants a future with Maggie, and no mysterious dream is going to prevent that.

THE GROOM WORE PLAID, one of the Highland Weddings series, is an enjoyable, character-driven read. Both Maggie and Owen have a past to overcome, as well as family commitments that have caused some dangerous revelations among the inhabitants of the castle.

Jani Brooks