A Highland Weddings Book
ISBN: 978-0-06-246993-9
July 2017
Historical Romance

Scotland 1727

Waking up next to two dead men, the rain pelting down and soaking her and her clothing, Catriona Duff has no idea what happened, how she got here, and worst of all, who she is. She drags herself up to the road, and stumbles along until a stranger finds her and takes her to his cave hideout.

Duncan Carlyle, clan chief, knows exactly who the confused young woman is she is the daughter of his mortal enemy, the earl of Aberfoyle, who has put a price on the capture of Duncan. Yet he does not tell the earl's daughter who she is; he's not completely convinced that she's telling him the truth. Taking her back to his well hidden hideaway, he sees that she's cared for, hoping that it may be possible to get her to help change her father's horrendous dealings.

Catriona fits in with the Carlyle clan, remembering things, but not people. She is horrified to discover that a local earl is kidnapping children and selling them to the Colonies as indentured slaves. Wanting to assist Duncan in stopping this despicable venture, Catriona finds herself confused about her feelings for the dour, enigmatic chieftain. If only she could remember who she is.

LOVE WITH A SCOTTISH OUTLAW is a book in the Highland Weddings series that covers a time in Scotland when the clan chiefs ruled. Duncan's determination to save the children of his clan, as well as to reclaim his rights as a chief, make for conflicting emotions as he hosts his enemy's lovely daughter. What will happen if and when Catriona regains her memory?

A well written and unique tale, LOVE WITH A SCOTTISH OUTLAW is an excellent read.

Jani Brooks