Berkley Heat
ISBN: 978-0-425-26289-4
March 2013
Erotic Contemporary Anthology

Galveston, Texas – Present Day

Two Marines. Two women. Two tales connected, yet separate, with erotic encounters that will sear the pages as you read UNCOMMON PLEASURE.

Over the Edge

Ty Hendricks blames himself for a tragic accident on his last tour of duty and has buried himself in work. Lauren Kincaid is interested in Ty and wants a night of pleasure with him and decides to go after the man. He responds, and the two spend a night that rocks their worlds. Neither can forget the other, yet Ty pulls away for fear that he's not the perfect man for Lauren and that he doesn't deserve a woman like her. She fights to win him, but it's going to be a hard fought battle.

Sex is what it's all about when Lauren and Ty hook up in Over the Edge . Ty can't get past what happened on his last tour of duty and shuts himself away. When Lauren provocatively offers him a night of no holds barred sex, how can he turn her down? The sex is great, yet he proceeds to hurt her feelings, including inviting another man to join them in bed, which turns into some uber hot reading guaranteed to capture the attention of readers. How will Lauren react? Has Ty gone over the edge and ruined any chance they can ever get together? Find out for yourself in the sizzling Over the Edge .

All on the Line

Sean Winthrop is on leave from the Marines and spending his downtime in his hometown of Galveston. The last time he was in town, he hooked up with Abby Simmons, and the two enjoyed a few weeks of bliss. Once he headed to his next tour of duty, he sent her an email ending their relationship. But Sean can't forget Abby and wants to take up where they left off. However, Abby has moved on and makes it clear to Sean she doesn't have time for him. With her college and work schedule, plus taking care of her sick dad, she only wants sex when she can work it in…and Sean isn't going to be included.

It doesn't take long in All on the Line before Sean gets his wish and has Abby back in his bed. They might have great sex together, but Abby isn't going to engage her emotions around Sean anymore. She did that once and it broke her heart. Sean wants a month long fling, and then he'll get out of Abby's life again, yet he can't see the effect it has on her. She has a full plate and seems to be spiraling out of control. Sean, against her wishes, embarks on a campaign to help her out with her busy schedule, yet are they heading for another fallout when he leaves once again? Abby knows Sean will hurt her once more, and she's ready to take control and make their sexual relationship what she wants. Will it work? A scorching tale, All on the Line will have you reaching for an icy cold drink even as you root for Sean and Abby to work things out.

Both stories in UNCOMMON PLEASURE are connected and, in fact, All on the Line begins while Ty and Lauren are trying to work things out in Over the Edge . There is at least one scene that is in both Ty's and Sean's viewpoints in their respective stories.  There are lots of sex scenes and a couple of ménages, but UNCOMMON PLEASURE will tug at your heart with the two deliciously sexy men who end up needing the women they meet. A happily-ever-after is guaranteed for both in UNCOMMON PLEASURE.

Patti Fischer