An Alpha Op's Novella , Book 2
St. Martin's Press
ISBN-13:  978-1-25-008458-3
March 2016
Contemporary Romance

Lancaster College - Present Day

Erin Kent is working the night shift as librarian for Lancaster College.  It's Thursday night, usually a big party night, mostly studious girls in the reading room, some working on a project, and one guy sleeping.  Erin is looking on the internet for motorcycles; she promised herself after her divorce six months ago she was going to buy a motorcycle, go sky diving, and try dating again.  Yet she can still hear her ex's voice in her head telling her how silly buying a motorcycle is, expensive, and you can't even ride it all the time if it's raining.  And heaven forbid if she gets in a wreck; what is their health insurance's deductible?   As she is trying to stop his words going over and over inside her head, the sleeping guy out of the blue recommends the Harley.  He isn't a boy; he's all man.  He asks for some books for his psychology class on PTSD and asks her out, but she is concerned about dating a student with her being on staff.

Jack Powell gets up the nerve to ask Erin out, but tries to take her rejection calmly, until a friend suggests maybe she can't date students and that's why she said no.  Jack was, or is, a SEAL, but his last mission has left him with something he can't overcome, tremors in his hands.  He's seeing a therapist—but what the heck has happened to his life?  He can't even take a job for a security company he's been offered until he is back to normal.  When he runs into Erin at a motorcycle dealership and helps her pick out a motorcycle, the instant attraction between them must be acted upon.

Erin is just a normal woman with her ex's voice in her head all the time, how can such a sexy and strong man be attracted to her?  But as she gets to know him better, Jack is everything she could ever want wrapped up in one hot, male body.  Can Jack get back to his normal self, and enjoy connecting with a woman for more than one night?

Anne Calhoun's THE SEAL'S REBEL LIBRARIAN is an entertaining tale of Erin and Jack, each scarred and hurting, but determined to fulfil their lives with their dreams.  Told from their points of view, Erin wants to enjoy life after her ex-husband sucked it out of her, and Jack is dealing with PTSD and the physical effects it has on his body.

THE SEAL'S REBEL LIBRARIAN is the second in the Alpha Ops novella series, following THE SEAL'S SECRET LOVER featuring Jack's friend from the SEAL'S and Jack's sister.  The next novella comes out in April, THE SEAL'S SECOND CHANCE.  Military romance stories are extremely popular now, and the men are trying to live with PTSD and how it changes their lives.  Jack and Erin are a strong and passionate couple, and it's heartwarming to see them each try to help the other be the person they long to be.  I highly recommend THE SEAL'S REBEL LIBRARIAN for a story that will leave you with a smile on your face.

Carolyn Crisher