UNSEEN - Rachel Caine
Outcast Season , Book 3
ISBN: 978-0-451-46383-8
February 2011
Urban Fantasy

Nevada - Present Day

Cassiel and her Weather Warden partner Luis Rocha have just come through the fire, literally, with the children rescued from Pearl, a rogue Djinn.  Unfortunately, though these children have been saved from the torture they endured, they are not out of the woods yet, as their unpredictable powers put themselves and others around them at risk.  Traumatized by both the death of her parents and the torture at Pearl 's hands, Luis's niece Isabel (Ibby) is no longer the happy-go-lucky little girl who knew she was loved.  Now, she's a six-year-old with powers the equivalent of an atom bomb at her whim and control.  Will Cassiel's and Luis's love be enough to manage this budding Warden?

Cassiel is finally getting used to her human body and the feelings and emotions it brings.  The unexpected wealth of feeling she has for both Ibby and Luis is unsettling and leads to hard choices.  Ibby is dangerous and scared, and Cassiel knows that's a recipe for disaster.  So, they have no choice but to turn her over to benevolent wardens who want to nurture the children back from the brink.  Unfortunately, they soon realize they are not even close to truly understanding Pearl 's desire for power or her plans, and the children are once again the pawns in a deadly game.  Can Cassiel save the day once more?

Cassiel's third outing in the Outcast Season series begins with a bang,, and the tension continues to ratchet up from there.  UNSEEN is a thrilling adventure-ride back into the world of Wardens and Djinn, tentatively at peace, but on the edge of war.  Cassiel sits in the middle, once a Djinn and now not quite human, but learning the intricacies of human emotion that just might be what saves them all.