LAST BREATH - Rachel Caine
Morganville Vampires -
Book 11
A Perfect 10
NAL (Hardcover)
ISBN: 978-0-4512-3487-2
November 2011
Young Adult Fantasy

Morganville, Texas - Present Day

Something new is happening in Morganville, and new is never a good sign. There is a mysterious letter that says only “RUN”, and the Founder will do almost anything to make sure that no one finds out what it means. Claire and her friends have never been particularly good at following orders, however, and they are determined to find the answer and keep each other safe. On the romance side, Eve and Michael hope for a wedding that may never come, and Claire and Shane are as tight as ever. But there is something darker than the vampires Morganville is accustomed to in the shadows, and only Claire can see it. If this creature has the vampires scared to the point of evacuation, what hope do human Claire and her friends have for surviving?

LAST BREATH is a masterpiece. Mystery, romance, and fantasy are all wrapped into one alluring package. Fans young and old will be flocking to the bookstore on November 1 to get their copy as soon as possible. Claire is bright and sexy. Throughout the books she has grown from a meek, smart little girl into the leader she was meant to be. Shane has gone through some rough patches himself, and while he still struggles with his past, he is finally turning around. These two are meant for each other. The chemistry between all the love interests in the story (Claire and Shane, Michael and Eve, and even Amelie and Oliver) keep the novel flowing at an interesting, suspenseful pace. Rachel Caine crafts characters that are among the best in the genre.

Fans of the Morganville Vampire series should not miss this mysterious and heart pounding new novel! LAST BREATH is a Perfect 10 in every way: characters, plot, romance, suspense, and setting. If you have not yet read the first in this series, GLASS HOUSES (2006), I strongly suggest you do so and quickly! Readers are encouraged to start at the beginning. The books are one series with many story arcs, so be sure to read book one for the full effect. LAST BREATH is definitely a book to watch for! Ending on a tad of a cliffhanger, I cannot wait for BLACK DAWN coming May 1, 2012 .