BLACK DAWN - Rachel Caine
Morganville Vampires , Book 12
NAL (Hardcover)
May 2012
Young Adult Fantasy

Morganville , Texas - Present Day

The draug are still attempting to take over Morganville in this fast paced novel. Claire and her friends have been through the ringer, battling not only the draug, but their own loyalties as well. Michael and Eve are on the fritz, Amelie has been injured, Oliver is taking over the Morganville battlefront, and the only constant Claire can count on is Shane. Even crazy Myrnin seems to have grown some sense!

With the draug closing in and no Amelie to guide them, Claire and the gang are struggling to fight back for their town. Things get worse when the vampires and the master draug discover that Claire and Claire alone can identify Mangus among his clones. Everyone's lives are at stake and no one is ever safe in Morganville.

Readers will not be disappointed in the latest installment, BLACK DAWN. A twelve book series that continually gets better is unheard of, but Rachel Caine seems to have perfected the art. As each book comes out, her characters grow stronger and more admirable. Even the bad guys and gals will steal a special place in readers' hearts.

Ms. Caine uses several points of view in the novel to accurately depict what is happening in Morganville. To name a few, readers will get inside Claire, Shane, Michael, Eve, and even Oliver's head. While at first this can be a bit confusing and irritating, as the book progresses, it adds a certain depth that would otherwise be missing. 

I cannot rave enough about this series. It has it all: action, suspense, romance, horrors, and everything a fantasy junkie could ask for! These books will keep readers guessing time and time again. As BLACK DAWN comes to a close, many will be wondering how Ms. Caine can possibly come up with another idea for the Morganville world. Rest assured; I believe she has something spectacularly devious up her sleeve for her readers! Adult and teenage fans alike will adore this series! Start with book one, GLASS HOUSES (2006), to visit Morganville!